Pastor Andrew Scott

Time at Emmanuel: 8 years, 3 months

My wife Theresa and I began our ministry at Emmanuel in 2003 when I served as the children's pastor. When we arrived at Emmanuel we had no children of our own and in 2004 our daughter Chloe joined us and 3 years later so did our daughter Kendyl. In 2008 our ministry to the children and families of Emmanuel ended and we moved to California to continue pursuing God's call on our lives, just a little closer to family. After 4 and a half years of great ministry, soaking up the sunshine, and spending time with grandparents, God began to stir our hearts once again. Never did we think for one second that God would call us out of children's ministry, or back home to Lewiston, but that's exactly what He did! In 2012 we moved our family back to Lewiston and returned to the staff at Emmanuel where I now serve as the Associate Pastor of Student Ministries. It is a privilege to serve the families of Emmanuel and the LC valley, and an honor to say that we are home.