Paul and Eunice Unruh
EMM - Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico

April 4, 2020

First of all, I want to thank you once again for your prayers during this difficult time Eunice and I have been going through. We can’t complain because God has been so good to us. So many people have been good to us bringing us the things we need, and so many more that our praying for us.

Since I last wrote I have been slowly improving. I have not had much energy for doing much, but my cough has been slowly subsiding. I have been able to sleep through most nights and in the mornings I have not had so much coughing. In the afternoon as the day wears on it seems to get a bit worse, but every day seems to be less. I have also been able to eat more, even though at times my nausea does get pretty bad. Today for the first time in a long time I was able to eat a tamale for breakfast and it still seems to be sitting well in my stomach.

Eunice is practically well although when she lies down at night she does get a bit of a cough. Her energy levels are still rather low, but even so she has been doing a lot of cleaning around the house and fixing meals.

Ali continues with very mild symptoms: sore throat, cough, headache and lack of energy.

Praise the Lord the kids continue to be doing well.

God bless you greatly for all your prayers

March 31, 2020

Thanks so much for your prayers. They have upheld us during this time.

Tomorrow evening will be two weeks since I came down with the first of my symptoms. Eunice had started five days earlier. This has been a long hard three weeks.

I praise God because over the past two days I have started feeling ever so slightly better. Yesterday and today I woke up with not much of a cough. However, by the end of the day it had gotten pretty bad again. My digestion is still really bad, and eating anything is still a struggle. Yesterday my stomach ached most of the day. The other big problem is energy levels. These last few days I have had no energy to get anything done. Getting up for anything has been a chore. In that sense, today I have had a little bit more energy. Also my sensitive skin is getting a bit better although not totally so. I has been just a bit easier while lying down or resting in the recliner.

Eunice is up and about keeping busy most of the day. Today she was helping the grandkids with their school work and then took time to do some craft work with them.

Ali continues to struggle with a sore throat, but has not gotten much worse. The kids today did have some stomach problems, but nothing serious yet.

We do appreciate your concern for us and thanks to all who have written to let us know you are praying.

March 28, 2020

We are so grateful for your prayers on our behalf. God continues to sustain us through this difficult time.

I am so thankful because we can say that Eunice is well. She is still struggling with some weakness and every now and then a slight cough, but she has not been having any other symptoms.

On the other hand I am still struggling with the cough, weakness and an overall feeling of malaise though not quite as intense as previously. As I mentioned in a previous update, the intensity of this all comes and goes. Two days ago I was not coughing so much and then yesterday it intensified. Today again it is not as bad. Already for some time I have had trouble with my skin feeling like someone ran a sandpaper over it, especially on my back. This has made it difficult to lie down and even sit in the recliner. Yesterday was a very hard day in that way.

However, I think I can say that I am slowly improving. I have been able to eat a bit more, mostly band things. Eunice made me some custard and I was able to slowly eat about two over the course of the day. I also kept some asparagus down without having it make my stomach hurt. I have had a little bone broth and some fruit.

The grandkids continue to be well, and Ali’s symptoms have not gotten any worse. She is still struggling with a sore throat and overall feeling ill.

God bless you for taking time to pray for us. We are convinced that it is only because of God’s goodness that things did not get worse and that we are on the way out.

March 24, 2020

Thanks so much for your prayers. If you have shared our letter with someone else you know is praying, let them know we are so thankful.

God has been very good to us in the middle of this trial. We are blessed to have so many friends praying for us.

What we have experienced so far is that some days are really bad and then there are some better days that have been followed again by bad days.

Sunday was a very bad day for me, and Monday I felt somewhat "better". I had a lot of aches, but I felt so much better than Sunday. Sunday it was not so much aching as an overall feeling of malaise and nausea. Today, Tuesday, I have had a bad headache and a lot of weakness. Even trying to type right now is a chore. The one blessing is that Eunice and I have been coughing so much less. I am so hoping that we are finally slowly on the mend.

I have not been able to eat much because everything makes my stomach hurt. I have already lost 8 lbs.

Sunday was not a very good day for Eunice, but even though she feels very tired, she seems to be improving more than I am. She also contracted the virus almost five days before I did.

The grandkids are doing fine. Even though we have all been here together they have not come down with any symptoms. For this we praise God. We were working on their immune system before this all got started, so that might have helped. Ali, however, started with a sore throat last night. Looks like she might be coming down with the virus.

Once again, thank you for your prayers. Some of the days have been discouraging because it almost seems like this will not come to an end. However, God has been sustaining us.

March 21, 2020

First of all I want to thank each of you who are praying for us, and thank you to all who have let us know. I am overwhelmed by the love and concern you have for us.

Despite the aches, pains, and other symptoms that seem to come and go, I can say God is good. We are so blessed and it is something that keeps getting expressed these days.

We are in day 5 of our quarantine which stared Tuesday.

Thursday very late our friend from France got a call confirming that his test came back positive. Then Friday around 4 o’clock we got a visit from the health officials. They came to our house and took swabs to test his wife, Eunice and I. We will have to wait for the results, but we are in no doubt since we all have about the same symptoms.

Yesterday we all had a much better day that previously. Praise God we have not gotten any worse. Today we are all doing pretty good. As the day has worn on we have not felt as good as in the morning, but still no fever or any worse coughing.

I spent the morning in the kitchen. We made cabbage rolls, some vegetable juice, cleaning, and rye bread. As you can see we are up and about and not in bed. This does not mean we are feeling wonderfully well but well enough to get some things done.

Praise God Ali and our grandkids are doing well without any symptoms.

The health officials have promised to keep in contact.