Paul and Eunice Unruh
EMM - Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico


October 19, 2020

For about ten years after we moved to Pachuca every December, we took a plate of cookies and a calendar with verses and one time the Jesus film to all our neighbors. Even so we have had a hard time getting to know them. At times they don’t even greet us on the street. It has been a bit discouraging because where we grew up in northern Mexico everyone knows their neighbors.

This past week, however, what a surprise. One of our neighbor ladies stopped my wife on the street. She asked my wife a question that took her by surprise. “Would you be embarrassed to invite me to your church?” She went on to say, “I have been going to a prayer meeting that the lady down the street that sells vegetables has in her home once a week. I was thinking that I might want to visit your church.”

Since we will be gone for two Sundays it is a bit discouraging to have this openness at this time, but we are making plans to have her come along with us to church as soon as we are home again.

At times we have felt a bit discouraged because we have not been able to make more contact and witness to our neighbors. That is when we have to be reminded that we should not grow weary in well-doing because in time we will reap what has been sown.

We keep praying that God will bring many more of the people we work with to the glorious knowledge of His Gospel.