Paul and Eunice Unruh
EMM - Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico

July 7, 2020

What a glorious day God has given us. We can say this because of the hope we have in Him.

I want to thank you for your prayers and encourage you to praise God. God did help us in the decisions that were made last week at the seminary.

We will be starting the school year on August, Sunday 16. So far we have three prospective students for this next year. One will be a young man from the mountains of Oaxaca. His first language is the Loxicha though he does speak Spanish. Pray for more new students.

Lord willing we will also start having weekend classes starting the second week of October. I will be teaching the first class for four weeks in a row on Saturdays.

We also praise the Lord because Rogelio and Itzchel’s pregnancy is coming along just fine.

Praise God, Victor and Gabriela are doing better after coming down with the COVID virus. Continue to pray for them.

July 1, 2020

Thank you so much for praying for us as we work on getting ready for the new school year at the seminary. I believe that God has been giving us wisdom as I requested.

We have had three sessions of good discussion since I last asked for prayer. We are making headway. There are still things to be decided so we continue to need prayer.

I asked prayer for Victor and Gabriela. Victor is on his fifteenth day and is still getting fevers and some other symptoms such as poor appetite, lack of taste and smell. Praise the Lord, his coughing is gone and he breaths well.

Gabriela his wife is doing much better along with the kids who seem to not have any sever symptoms.

June 25, 2020

Pray for Victor and Gabriela who are church planting in the city of Reynosa. They are at the end of their first week of suffering from COVID19. Pray for a full recovery. This virus tends to leave a person with problems even after one has gotten well. It can affect different organs. Eunice and I have been experiencing this part of the COVID19 experience.

Pray for our Seminary. This week we will be making plans for the next coming semester. There is still much uncertainty as to what we will be allowed to do in terms of our classes on campus. Also pray for the new course we want to develop for weekend classes. Lastly pray that God will give us a good number of students. We already have two that have made application.

June 13, 2020

Just this week I talked to Damian who graduated a year ago in May. He was assigned to pastor a small church plant way down south in the state of Chiapas.

About two years ago we were able to help this church plant buy a piece of land with a two room house on it. Since then they have been meeting on the property. They have been using the large room for their services but now this is too small.

When Damian began pastoring this small church there were about sixteen people in all attending the services. At the last services held before the COVID19 crisis there were about forty people coming to the meetings. There is no way the room can hold them all. This has become a problem, but praise the Lord because it means the church is growing. They are now planning to build a roof under which they can hold their services.

Would you move to another church if your pastor couldn’t really preach well? For the Tzeltal Christians this is not an option. Most if not all pastors among these people, descendants of the ancient Mayans, have had no training for ministry.

Rosi who graduated from our seminary some years ago speaks Tzeltal as her mother tongue. She has been heading up our correspondence course office sending out Bible courses all over Mexico.

She, however, has never lost a burden for her people and for others who don’t have the Word of God in their language. In the long run she desires to help with Bible translation.

Last year she came up with the idea of translating some of the courses we use into the Tzeltal language. This past month that dream became a reality.

She was able to find a pastor willing to help with this project. He has now been working on the translation of a course that teaches how to prepare sermons. We believe this will be a great resource for pastors in that region of Mexico. The goal is to translate more than one course that will not only help pastors but Christians grow in their knowledge of the Word.

Pray for wisdom in translating this material in the most understandable vocabulary for these pastors with little education.

Praise God the work that was started in Pinal de Amoles is going forward. After almost two years we still don’t have converts, however, the doors to ministry continue to open. The ministry has spread beyond the borders of this town to others in the area.

People in this part of Mexico that has been overlooked by many suffer from a lot of distrust. “Foreigners” (anyone not from the area) have come in so many times to exploit these people who struggle to make a daily living and even to put food on the table.

Just recently a group of men showed up looking for workers to work in the fields in northern Mexico. They promised “good” wages and other benefits. A lot of young men signed up and got on the transportation that was provided. Since then the families have found out that they are being treated as slaves. They are fed poorly and are made to work long hours and get no pay at all.

Things like this make people distrustful of anyone who comes in from the outside including Christians who are preaching a new message and promising salvation.

The help the team has been able to provide, in terms of food and clothing with no strings attached, has opened doors and is softening hearts.

We praise God because during these hard times, when places have been closed down because of the COVID-19 virus, the team has been able to get official permission to continue visiting some of the communities in this area.

They have been able to distribute food in communities where poverty is severe enough that people are suffering hunger. Pray for the young man and his bride-to-be who are planning to move into one of these communities to work more closely with this ministry.

May 28, 2020

On January 28 as some of you know, Cristy Roberts was rear-ended as she was driving to work at the Christian school she and her husband David started years ago. A few hours later, she passed away at the hospital.

This was a shock to all of us serving here in Mexico and to the staff and board of EMM. We were expecting David and Cristy to show up at our annual board meeting just two days away. Everyone’s plans changed in an instant.

It goes without saying, David’s life has changed drastically. The school where Cristy served for so many years has also been learning to cope without her. She was on top of everything: hiring teachers, dealing with complaining parents, encouraging parents to work with and discipline their children, overseeing maintenance, overseeing the office, buying supplies for the kitchen and the office, and whatever else was needed.

A month and a half later, Paul and Eunice came down with the COVID19 virus about the middle of March. They were hosting some friends that had come in from France who inadvertently brought the virus into their home. There were some very hard days, and Paul seems to have been hit the hardest.

I share this because few people want to talk about suffering, but it is a part of all of our lives. The missionaries serving under EMM are not super humans. They do, however, need a lot of prayer, because even though others suffer in the same way, not as many eyes seem to be watching. This hit home when a young lady shared with me she has been watching our lives through the problems we have been suffering over the past few years. First of all, I thank you for all your prayers. It keeps us serving faithfully. We also ask that you keep praying for us here on the field.