Paul and Eunice Unruh
EMM - Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico


January 15, 2021

We are so thankful for the privilege to continue preaching the gospel here in Mexico. One of our founders’ goals was to equip Mexicans to preach the Gospel to their own people. We have been doing this now for sixty-seven years. Over the past forty years, for which we have records, we have had two hundred seventy students come through our school, of these, one hundred eighty-three have graduated. Most of our graduates are in some kind of full-time ministry, and if not, they are making a difference in their churches.

Most of the church planting EMM is directly involved in is being done by those who have been trained here in Mexico. One of these projects we are directly supporting is the planting of a church among the Otomi in the hills of Queretaro. This is an unreached group of people.

Chuy and his work along with a team of four other graduates from our seminary are working full-time to reach these people. They have slowly been making headway.

Part of their strategy in this idolatry-hardened region has been to open doors by helping the very poor who inhabit this state. Because of the love they have shown the people and the help they have given, doors are opening up. We have been supporting this effort for more than two years and we are finally starting to see people show interest in the Gospel.

Some of these people have shared that they have started to pray to God for help in times of need instead of to the saints they worship. In one case, one man who was bed-ridden prayed that God would send help. He was out of food and money. The very next day Chuy and his team showed up and shared with him some food they had brought to give out to these needy people. Pray that God will raise up a vibrant church among the Otomi people in the state of Queretaro.