Paul and Eunice Unruh
EMM - Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico


November 13, 2020

I just finished talking to Victor Chavez who is church planting in the city of Reynosa. He was sharing with me how twice in the past two months he has been stopped by people from the drug cartels and questioned as to what he is doing and where he is going. He has continued to serve faithfully over these past years knowing that God has called him to bring hope to these people that are in need.

As you all know the COVID virus has disrupted a lot of the church activities and the right to hold services. Victor, one way or another has been working to bring the Gospel to the people around him. For the past several months about every four weeks they barbecue chicken and take it to families they know are going through financial need. It has been a way to open doors and to get close the people. This has allowed him to witness to several families one of which the lady is coming to church.

They have also reached out to their neighbors witnessing to them. In some cases, where the homes open up, Victor is holding Bible studies.

Thank you for being a part of EMM and helping us in one way or another reach Mexico for Christ.