Paul and Eunice Unruh
EMM - Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico


April 16, 2021

Our God is a good God. So many changes, so many circumstances, but He remains faithful and unchanging. He continues to shower His blessings on our lives.

Continuing to Train Leaders

COVID19 came to change a lot of things in our world.

One thing that has not changed is the need for trained leaders to spearhead the ministry of the churches.

Last year the last months of teaching at the seminary had to be done online. That was a change for all of us and, in a way, somewhat frustrating. Personal contact with the students can’t be substituted by videoconferencing.

We do praise God because in August we were able to start classes up again on campus. We had a first great semester with no one getting sick on campus. This second semester we did have to close down on-campus teaching for two weeks. For one week, we closed because one of our teachers came down with COVID19. Added to this, we had trouble with the transformer and some burnt wires that shut down our well on campus leaving us without water for a week. During this time, the cook and one of our students also came down with COVID19.

In the end we lost one teacher and our cook to COVID19.

However, God continues to allow us to teach on campus. I am enjoying teaching among other things the books of 1 and 2 Corinthians, Galatians, and Ephesians.

Preparing for Change

Since the death of our son John, Ali and her children have been living with us here at our house. The last year and a half they have lived in a house on the back of our lot, but spend a lot of time in our house.

Now this school year they have been home-schooled here in our house and they come to sleep over every Saturday night.

All this will soon be coming to an end. Ali has decided to move up to Oklahoma close to where our daughter Lynette is living. Ali will be going up at the end of April to get things ready, and we will take the kids up in June.

Missing Rebecca

It will be two years this summer since we last saw Rebecca. It now looks like she will be able to come home to see us for a few weeks this summer.

We do praise God because God has given her a great family in Malaysia to look after her.


God gave me the opportunity to hold baptisms in a village in the state of Veracruz in December. We baptized three people. Next month, Lord willing, we will baptize at least three more in our church here in Pachuca. Praise God people are being saved and are growing.

Prayer Requests

  • Wisdom in teaching.
  • Wisdom for Eunice as she disciples these women in her Bible study.
  • Health — we are still struggling with some after-effects from COVID19.
  • A new teacher at the seminary for next year.
  • Ali and the kids as they transition to life in the US. For Eunice and I as we settle into a more lonely house.
  • Someone to come down and help us on the Mexico field.


One of the single mothers at church approached Eunice asking for help. She was struggling with a lot of issues from her past from before she was saved.

After just a few Bible studies/counseling sessions, she commented on how much freer she felt.

After finishing a series of studies with her, Eunice decided to continue with another set of Bible studies geared to women. This time she decided to invite two more women from church. Adding more women to the study has had a double purpose. Not only does it help these ladies, but it brings them together so they can get to know each other. Eunice invited one unsaved lady who has not been able to come. We are still looking to see how we can reach her.

COVID19 has shut so much down that people are not getting together. Fellowship is such a vital part of our Christian life.