Paul and Eunice Unruh
EMM - Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico

October 14, 2019

Are feet beautiful? According to Romans 10:15 the feet of those who preach the Gospel are beautiful.

The whole reason for our seminary has been to prepare men and women who will go out and preach the Word of God faithfully. We are training them to take hope to those who are living without hope.

As part of this teaching, in 2000 we started a program to train missionaries to work cross-culturally. We praise God that since then two of our graduates have gone overseas and several are working in Bible translation in Mexico.

Mexico is slowly waking up to the need to be a part of reaching our world for Christ. Praise God, some of our students are part of the movement to make world missions known in the churches.

This last month I had two opportunities to share about missions in two different churches. One of these was in a small church in Mexico City that has existed for years but is barely waking up to the fact they need to be a part of the Great Commission. I am glad that I was able to be a part of making them aware of this need.

As part of this emphasis I hit on the idea of having some of my friends paint pictures of different missionaries’ feet (above). This next month, Lord willing, we will put these paintings up for auction. The funds will go toward our work in training missionaries at the seminary.

Thank you for helping us spread the Gospel and train people to do so.

October 11, 2019

We are so thankful for each one of you who have contributed to keeping the work moving forward in Mexico. In the sixty five years of our existence we have been able to be a part of helping plant over 45 churches there. That is only counting those we are directly involved with. However, many more have been planted by graduates from our seminary that have moved on to different ministries. One pastor reported over forty churches planted by a ministry he started in the mid 90’s. We also have had reports of some Hispanic churches planted in the United States by former seminary graduates.

The impact of EMM’s ministry has gone beyond the borders of Mexico extending to countries like Indonesia, China, and Nicaragua.

It is because we do not want this ministry to falter that we have made the decision to join forces with another like minded mission agency. We have made this decision because of several issues we are facing. Over the last six years we have searched for people willing to join our board and have not found any that would do so. Our board members are growing older and this is a big concern. Also, Paul Unruh who’s calling has been to minister in Mexico has had to take a fair amount of his time to take care of business in the office in Pharr since we have not been able to find someone to fill the Executive Director position.

For this and some other reasons we have decided to coalesce our efforts with Faith Baptist Mission which is a very like minded in their philosophy of ministry. We have been exploring this merger with Faith Baptist Mission since the beginning of this year and are assured that our ministry will continue in Mexico as it has in the past. EMM will become EMM a ministry of Faith Baptist mission. You can look up their current webpage at

As of January next year donations will be processed by Faith Baptist Mission. Rest assured that any donations for the work in Mexico will be sent down to Mexico as they have been in the past. Paul Unruh, our current executive director, will still be very much involved in the decision making process for the ministries in Mexico and in close touch with the new board. Our ministries will continue to function in Mexico as they have in the past.

Lord willing the merger will take place in January of 2020. Up until then we will continue operating from our office in here in Pharr.

If you have any questions or concerns you can email me at: or call me at (956) 787-3543 to leave a message and I will get back to you.

September 13, 2019

After working so hard to get things ready for the beginning of school at the seminary, what a blessing to see the students show up. Some came in a few days early and others showed up right at the last minute.

Obed and his wife showed up in time to start setting up house keeping for the next four years. As a kid he sometimes showed up at the seminary because his father was studying for the pastorate; although he never finished his studies. His wife grew up as one of our pastor’s kids. Now with their three kids they are starting on the journey to better prepare for ministry to which God has called them.

Verónica comes from Guadalajara where her father Javier, (featured last month) is serving as a pastor. She came to Christ at the age of fifteen. When her father started studying for the ministry she started rebelling against God. One day, wanting to leave home, she realized that what she really was doing was running from God. Once she surrendered to her Lord she realized that she wanted to serve Him. She believes that only what she does for Him will last for eternity.

Each of our students this year has a story of how God has led them to study to serve him better. I am excited to see how God will use them. Help us pray that God will keep them faithful to their calling.


August 17, 2019

What a blessing to see and visit with pastor Javier Valencia at our annual national conference of churches.

Wednesday night he shared how God saved him from a life of alcoholism and changed him completely. He was so amazed by God’s grace and the freedom he found that he immediately began sharing about Christ with all his friends. He even traveled from the city where he was living to Mexico City to share Christ with his family and former friends.

Then God called him to serve Him. He studied two years at the seminary and then, for lack of pastors, got sent to pastor a church in Guadalajara. For six years he has been serving there and has continued his studies. This coming year, Lord willing, he will graduate.

Through all this he has continued to reach out to those who desperately need Christ. His passion for souls has not diminished despite the fact that people ridicule him and one time even punched his daughter in the face as she was sharing the Gospel out on the streets.

It is men and women like these that keep us faithful in the task of training leaders for the church in Mexico. Thanks for helping us in spreading the good news of the Gospel in this country where there are yet so many unreached people.

July 18, 2019

God has been blessing the efforts to plant a church in Pinal de Amoles.

Chuy Miranda who is helping coordinate this ministry has been working with the local government officials to open up the doors for the preaching of the Gospel. One of the strategies that has been used is to not only preach the Gospel but also meet some of the needs of the community.

This area of Mexico is very poor with no industry of any kind and very poor agricultural conditions. Most of the people in the area live in extremely poor conditions.

One of the projects that has been proposed is to build a community shelter to house some of those in the most dire conditions. The local officials have agreed to allow Miranda to build such a shelter with the condition that we can also use these facilities to preach the Gospel to these people.

This strategy has opened up this area to the Gospel. Places like these are, in most cases, very closed to the Gospel. Since we started working in this area most of the people have heard the Gospel preached in three of the towns. There are still several outlying towns that have yet to be reached, but they are very open to having the team visit them.