Tim and Martia Franklin
ABWE - Natal, Brazil

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October 23, 2020

We praise the LORD for His continual mercies upon His people. Praise be to the LORD for the privilege to proclaim hope and certainty. It seems we are in the midst of a critical election year and the thing to do is to protest and cause more chaos and disrupt life with more decrees. It’s not been much different here in Brazil. This election year is mostly local stuff so the chaos-calm ratio hinges upon how much the powers-that-be expect to maintain the status quo. Based on Rom 1:16-17 we have taken to the streets as much as possible, without taking away from the classes at the Bible school. We praise the LORD for His work and bringing several new people to church.

The Flores do Campo building has had many improvements through 2 workdays on Sept. 7th (Independence Day) and Oct. 12th (Children’s Day). Believers from the two mother churches came and served these days cleaning up all the weeds on the property, putting in sidewalk along one side, painting the building, putting up the church sign, and putting stain on the wooden doors and windows. This really helps the property and building look more inviting. It was a blessing to have the fellowship of working together and to see the willingness of so many to spend their days off work in this way.

We have been able to help recently in building supplies for a sister congregation in Planalto through financial gifts that you have given. Thank you for your help in this way for them to get windows and doors for their building.

One of our seminary students has especially felt burdened for the children in the neighborhood who have been a part of Sunday school and Awana last year, but because of restrictions this year, have not had those opportunities. Internet children’s Sunday school has been available during this time, but many children don’t have access to the internet. At her church children are allowed to come to the services if they are with their parents so this leaves many unable to come. Luana and Emily have brought Sunday School lessons to various homes recently. In one home recently 14 children were gathered to hear a Bible story and sing songs together. Pray that this will continue and grow.

Please especially pray for our newest student Zenaide who lost her mom to cancer 2 weeks ago. Pray for comfort for her and her family and the salvation of her siblings. It didn’t work out for her to go home for the funeral since funerals here in Brazil happen within 24 hours of death. Pray for her to be able to concentrate and finish the semester well. She will be able to fly home to Manaus at the end of November.

On the family front, we thank the LORD for His care. Natalie and Ariel with Ben moved to be closer to church where Ariel serves alongside Pr. Rubens and family. Rebecca (Faith Baptist Bible College) and Rachel (Bob Jones University) are doing well. We look forward to when the LORD enables us to be together again. We especially thank the LORD for believers who have reached out to them. God’s family is a blessing. Thank you, LORD for the encouragement as we serve together.