Tim and Martia Franklin
ABWE - Natal, Brazil

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February 24, 2020

Thank the LORD together with us for a refreshing furlough. God has privileged us in Brazil to be a part of a strategic, though intense, ministry. Our past term was characterized by multiple fruitful ministry categories—investment in future servants of the LORD among the on-campus students, multiple opportunities to serve God’s people at three extension campuses, being boots-on-the-ground with our fellow-servants at the church plant /start-up and occasional speaking ministries in the local churches.

As we wrap up our furlough and make the transition to the field we are full of thanksgiving and rejoicing in the LORD. God has granted us a blessed furlough. We have experienced the promise that Jesus will take care of those who entrust themselves to Him. When we abandon all our meager aspirations to trust in Jesus, He will save His child from eternal judgment; and when we entrust our lives to serve Him, He will sustain His family, the Church. Recently we were reminded these truths clothed in English verse:

If I gained the world, but lost the Savior,
Were my life worth living for a day?
Could my yearning heart find rest and comfort,
In the things that soon must pass away?
If I gained the world, but lost the Savior,
Would my gain be worth the life-long strife?
Are all earthly pleasures worth comparing
For a moment with a Christ filled life? (Anna Olander)

Also Hannah chose “I’d Rather have Jesus,” another great message in song. We hadn’t heard this one before (by Luther Presley) and Rebecca looked it up. The chorus reads:

I’d rather live in heaven than to own all earth’s silver and gold,
I’d rather have Jesus than the diamonds of a palace to hold
I’d rather be a beggar, live in a little shack by the road,
Than to own all earth’s treasures, with no title to a future abode.

We serve the LORD by serving one another. As we serve each other, God enables us to bless one another and sustain each other. We thank the LORD the refreshment He has given through His people, our fellow-servants. Behind the following statistics represent God’s care for us through gracious pastors and dedicated believers: 34 churches, 6 states, 35k miles. Provision, safety, transportation, peace, kindness. In addition, God has also taken wonderful care of our family: Natalie and her family are fully engaged in serving the LORD; Rebecca is taking the steps towards studying sacred music; Rachel is adjusted to college and Hannah progresses well in homeschool. Martia continues to be a wonderful wife and mother. We’ve had good family times and look forward to experiencing more our role as grandparents and aunties.

God has abundantly met our needs for which we look forward to returning to the field to resume another term of service to Him. Brother Carlos has already sent some of our schedule: Three classes on campus (“O.T. Survey 1; Dispensationalism; 1 Corinthians”); at a local church in the evening (“Genesis”); and one weekend per month at the extension 4 hrs away (“Galatians”). There is also the family, homeschool, informal ministry on campus and the church plant. We also hope to visit a few graduates faithfully serving in remote locations. Please pray the God would be glorified greatly through us. We are scheduled to fly out Feb 20.

Thank you for serving together. Yours in His service,

Tim and Martia; Rebecca, Rachel and Hannah.

January 22, 2020

Last evening on a wet corner the vehicle we were loaned for our furlough travels ran off the road and rolled. No one else was involved, no one was hurt. It DID have collision insurance. We thank the LORD for His care and His people who helped (and are helping us) work through the details. We have three more weekends scheduled and continue to plan for departure to the field Feb 20, 2020. We look forward to a re-send service at our home church, Discovery Baptist in Gig Harbor scheduled for Feb 2.

We praise the LORD for His peace.

January 21, 2020

We praise the Lord for being able to finalize airfare for our return to Brazil. We fly out of San Francisco on Feb. 20th at 9:30. From there the flight continues through Ft. Lauterdale, FL; Recife, Brazil; and finally Natal. The 18 hour flight transit time of this itinerary is shorter than usual as we land in northeast brazil instead of having to pass through south Brazil. As many of you know it has been uncertain if Rebecca would be staying in the states or returning to Brazil. We praise the Lord for God’s leading in her to return to Brazil.. Rebecca is returning, and plans to enroll with a full load of classes at the Bible college where we serve. We’ll keep you posted as the next steps develop. Thank you for your prayers.

This Saturday Martia’s family will be together to celebrate her parents 50th wedding anniversary (which was Nov. 15, 2019). We are praying for a meaningful and joyful celebration that honors the Lord and edifies and encourages each who is present, especially her parents Dave and Violet Anderson.

We have 4 more furlough reports, one being our ministry report and resending service from our sending church, Discovery Baptist Church of Gig Harbor, Washington on Feb. 2nd. We appreciate your prayers for us in this last month of furlough reporting and all the details of goodbyes, packing, and transition.

We are looking forward to returning to Brazil to begin another term of service in Natal, Brazil teaching at the Bible college and working alongside Pastor Davi and Sara at the Flores do Campo church plant. We rejoice to soon be able to see Ariel, Natalie, and little grandson Ben!

September 18, 2019

Giving a ministry report and spending time with family are two key goals of this time of furlough, and we are grateful for these opportunities. Our summer has been interlaced with both. In July we served at Lopez Canyon Bible Camp in Arroyo Grande, CA. Rebecca and Rachel consider being camp counselors that week a highlight of their summer. Hannah was a happy camper, Tim gave the evening chapel messages, and Martia did the morning mission sessions. Following the week of camp we were a part of a four day missions conference along with two other missionary families. It was a blessing to reconnect with Grace Baptist of Paso Robles who has partnered with us this whole time we’ve been in Brazil. Usually we have one morning or evening every four years with our supporting churches, so it was extra special to have a longer time together during these days, as well as getting to hear the other missionary presentations from Zambia and Puerto Rico. We later spent a week in Utah with Tim’s parents enjoying time together (with the added bonus of peach and apricot season), visiting Dinosaur National Monument, then spending 6 days camping on the California coast (Patrick’s Point) with Martia’s family.

It is a blessing to visit our churches and share a ministry report in person during furlough. The fellowship, meaningful conversations, sharing of ideas, and encouraging words have been refreshing in each place we have been. We rejoice in the variety of ways we see that believers are serving the Lord and being a witness: opening their homes to needy children through adoption or foster care; helping with coaching community sports for kids with the purpose to build relationships to more effectively share the gospel; being honest, diligent workers in their jobs; being kind and caring as they care for the elderly in their care; and parents faithfully teaching their children in the ways of the Lord. One faithful prayer partner of 90 years invited us to share a ministry report at her care home during her Bible study hour. We thank the Lord that she has health and motivation to continue teaching the Word of God. Certainly there is not a lack of challenges throughout all these pursuits to shine for the Lord: the false teachings; disinterest and coldness people have towards the Bible; many times our own apathy and laziness; corrupt laws that protect sin, etc. With Paul, desiring to be as bold and certain as he, we say, “I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation; to the Jew first and also to the Greek.”

We are able to keep in contact with Ariel and Natalie via Skype and WhatsApp and get to see the new things that little Ben is doing. The pictures and videos that Natalie sends put big adoring smiles on our faces as we think, “he’s the cutest little person in the whole world!” Sometimes also we get a lump in our throat knowing we are so far away as he is changing so fast and we’re not there close, but we are thankful for the means to keep connected. Ariel graduated with a Bachelor’s degree last Nov. from the Bible college and is assistant pastor at Satelite church. Ariel desires to further prepare for ministry in Brazil through pursuing a Master’s degree. They are praying and pursuing options for coming to the States for this education. Pray for them as they seek God’s will in this area and as they wait for the next steps in the paperwork for legal permission for Ariel and Ben to come to the U.S.

Rachel started her classes at Bob Jones University and has had a good transition to college life. She arrived a week early for orientation with international students. That week gave her opportunities to meet people from other countries, get her books and class schedule in order, and accustom herself to the campus before the responsibility of assignments and the full number of students had arrived. She says she gets a lot of exercise walking to and from her classes. Pray for her as she gets used to the teaching styles and expectations of the various professors and as she decides which church to attend and what ministry opportunities to be a part of. Pray most of all that this time would be a rich time of spiritual growth and preparation for what God has planned for her life.

We just got the happy news of the arrival of baby Lucca who arrived a minute before midnight on Sept. 16th to Bible school graduates Davi and Sara. We serve together them as church planters at the Flores do Campo neighborhood. Pray for them as they have entered into this new world of parenthood. They now have the care of a new baby church and a new baby boy.

We are presently in the Gig Harbor area near our sending church Discovery Baptist Church where God has provided a wonderful place for us to stay on Fox Island with a view of the Puget Sound, a quiet place pretty much to ourselves where we can read, catch up on communication, Hannah can do her school, and we all can reconnect with our church family during the week. The next several weeks are in eastern Washington, but Fox Island will continue to be our base to came back to during the week. Thank you for your prayers for safe travels and blessed meetings.

July 15, 2019

We have all arrived safely to the states.

Martia, Rachel, and Hannah arrived June 8th. They enjoyed getting a head start with seeing relatives and camping at Lassen National park as well as taking part in a family camp at Trinity Lake with Grace Baptist of Redding. Tim and Rebecca stayed in Brazil a few weeks more to finish up the seminary semester and finish closing up the house. It has been nice to be back together after being apart those few weeks. After about a week for Tim to catch his breath, we, along with friends and family celebrated his parents (Robert & Linda Franklin) 50th wedding anniversary in Burney, CA... We thank the Lord for these special moments to enjoy together.

Travels begin:

We left the girls in Utah with their Franklin Grandparents while we flew to the East coast for Missionary Enrichment conference with our mission ABWE and and to give our first ministry report on July14th at Three Mile Bay in upstate New York . Following this trip back east we will head to Lopez Canyon Bible camp for a week (July 21-27) and then be a part of a missions conference at Grace Baptist Church in Paso Robles.. Before we know it, Rachel will be leaving for college (July25th) so we want to have some good family time during August. Thank you for praying for us in these times of transition.