Merry Davey
ABWE - Spain

July 23, 2012

School is out for the summer, grades are finished, projects returned, graduation is over, and yet there are a multitude of responsibilities to be completed. God is Good. I know that is a given, but it is wonderful to experience His grace, blessing and mercy.

As usual, the end events at ECA resulted in an extremely full two months. Finalizing the props for the Pirates of Penzance was a challenge, but well worth it. The student actors did a fantastic job. Then there was the preparations of my students for their AP exams, getting the games—responsibility of the National Honor Society of which I am the sponsor—ready for the annual rastrillo (ECA’s version of a glorified garage sale). Of course there were final exams to prepare and grade, report cards to finish, and finally, the making sure all was ready for my part in graduation: caps and gowns, taking photos of graduates and their families. This year we had the added part of saying good-bye to our director of 14 years. Several of our ECA teachers will not be returning next year. Please pray for the provision of teachers of music, math, history, and science. It looks at this point that the remaining teachers will have very heavy loads in the new school year. Yet, we trust that God will supply, just as He has in the past. We have an interim director, Mel Hurley, while we wait for the new director to learn Spanish, get a Spanish driver’s license (a major, expensive process now), find a home, and incorporate into Spanish culture.

Among my activities this summer have been helping a student recuperate English 10, teaching two craft classes to ECA teachers—roof tile art and trying to get my files and classroom in order. That is a job of many hours which I hope to complete in July.

Please pray for the church. We continue to experience God’s blessing with the ministry of our Spanish pastor, David Rivero, and other of our leaders. We are prayerfully considering how we should proceed with the building plans for a new church on the property that the government has granted us, though we are still waiting for the finalization of the papers. However, the economy of Spain has resulted in the loss of jobs for a number of our church members, and prices have continued to rise. The preliminary vote last week indicated that we should put it on hold for a time. Please pray with us that we will know the Lord’s timing in this. We continue to fill the church each Sunday and have no room for growth. Pray that we will not lose our vision for what God wants us to do and that our walk with Him will be closer each day.

Family Camp begins July 31. Please pray that God will work mightily through the ministry of His Word. Once again I am in charge of crafts. It is a challenge. Please feel free to send me any ideas you have for kids from ages 4 to 11. Our theme is centered around the Olympics. I hope this year that I am not too ambitious with my main project (a small roof tile similar to the one at the right above but less complicated). Please pray that all our activities will bring glory to God and that the children will come to love the Lord with all their souls, hearts and minds.

I am so thankful for a five-day trip to northern Spain and Portugal with friends Jerry, Peg, and Pat. We spent many hours driving, but were fully rewarded with the sights we saw along the way and the four places in which we spent the night: León, Santiago de Compostela, Porto (Portugal), and Ciudad Rodrigo. It was a delight to see firsthand some of the places about which I have been teaching my Spanish history students.

Thank you for your continued prayer and support. Again, I give thanks to the Lord for good health, for faithful prayer partners and supporters, and for the joy it is to serve a loving, merciful, and just heavenly Father.