Life Groups

When Jesus Christ spoke to His disciples just prior to ascending into glory His final words to them was to make disciples. Following this we read throughout the epistles of Paul, John and Peter that we are to be engaging in "one another" activities that focus on this command of making disciples. This is the heartbeat of Life Groups at Emmanuel Baptist Church. As "sermon based" small groups our Life Groups revolve around three essential ingredients for spiritual growth.

1. Sharing

Sharing is the first element of the group. With this in mind the groups are established with a long-term goal of relational discipleship. Over the three ten-week sessions each year the members will gain a familiarity with one another, allowing them to truly share and encourage each other.

2. Study

The second ingredient is study. Members are encouraged to listen to the sermon, taking notes and work through the homework each week prior to coming to group. Facilitators are trained to walk the group through the homework not to answer all the questions but to encourage growth where God is working.

3. Accountability

Lastly Life Groups provide positive accountability that all of us need as we seek to apply God's word to our everyday lives.

Joining a Life Group

If you are interested in joining a Life Group sign-ups are held in September, January and April so be watching for information on the next one coming up soon.

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