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About RFKC

RFK, Inc. got started in 1984 when Wayne and Diane Tesch were invited to develop a camp for underprivileged kids. The first camp was held in Costa Mesa, CA, in 1985. In 1990 it became a full-time ministry for Wayne and Diane. By 2010 there were 175 camps, 6800 campers, in 36 states, and 9 international countries.

How We Got Involved

The UntoMe Orphan Ministry of Emmanuel saw a need to start a camp for foster/adopted children in the valley and we all fell in love with the Royal Family Kids Camp model. Our core team attended training in June of 2011 for 7 days. We are now moving forward and Royal Family Kids Camp of the LC Valley will first be held June 25-29, 2012. We will be only the 2nd camp in Idaho.

Where Do These Children Come From?

  • Foster Care
  • Children on the watch list for foster care
  • Referrals of children who have or are experiencing abuse and neglect


  • In the United States there are approximately 100,000 children waiting to be adopted
  • A report of child abuse is made every 10 seconds
  • More than 5 children die every day as a result of child abuse
  • Of the abuse 2.4% is medical neglect
  • 7.6% is sexual abuse
  • 9.6% with another form of maltreatment
  • 10.8 % is physical abuse
  • 78.3% is neglect
  • 7.6% is psychological maltreatment
  • These add up to more than 100% as a child may have to suffer more than one type of maltreatment
  • In our five-county region in Idaho there are usually about 40 children in the foster system at any given time
  • There are usually around 500,000 children in foster care at a given time


RFKC's philosophy is to create positive memories for abused and neglected children, ages 7-11, in a one-week Christian camp experience.