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Paul and Eunice Unruh
EMM - Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico

March 14, 2018

For the first time I signed up to be a part of a prayer chain to pray for the pastor of our church in Pachuca. He had undergone open heart surgery. The organizer wanted to have the church pray for a twenty-four hour period because he was doing poorly. When I looked at the list, about the only slots left were in the middle of the night. I signed up to pray from 3—4 a.m. I had never prayed on my own for an hour straight and was not sure I could do it. What a challenge and, in the end, a blessing. It was the next day that there was a turn around in the pastor’s condition. It was not spectacularly miraculous, but it began a slow improvement.

I share this because so often we think of prayer as something we do when there is nothing else to be done. It might also be that, in some cases, we pray because we would rather not get involved directly.

Prayer, however, is where we need to begin. So much more gets done through prayer than we imagine. That is why we encourage you to pray with us on behalf of the work in Mexico. Let me suggest a few things we urgently need you to pray for. Before putting this down take time to pray.

  • God would send 20 new students to the seminary next school year.
  • God would keep our pastors who are ministering in violent cities safe.
  • God would help pastor Rogelio Noguera in training pastors in Chiapas.
  • God would send us the help we need to work with EMM (At least one missionary)

Thank you for standing behind us in prayer and financially. I am convinced that it is in your partnership with us that we are making a difference for the kingdom of God.


March 9, 2018

Full Circle Missions

Daniel, one of the young men at our school has responded to the call to take the Gospel to other nations. Before, God got a hold of him he spent a lot of time playing soccer. He was passionate about this sport and it was more important to him than his relationship with God. The last thing he wanted to be was a pastor or missionary, but the seed was there. He grew up a pastor’s kid, and God got a hold of him.

Since he entered school he has been working toward the goal of being a missionary in Brazil. He has found that he can use his love of sports to reach children for Christ. Because of his interest, a soccer school was started on campus on Saturdays that has already won some kids to Christ and brought some families to a saving knowledge of Christ.

This year he will be graduating and was sharing with me his plans. Unlike most of our students he has planned out what he needs to get where God has called him.

After graduating his plans are to learn both English and Portuguese and get further training with different organizations to work with children and youth though the use of sports. He plans on working in his church for two years while preparing to be better equipped for his ministry in Brazil.

When I talk to him and others who have responded to the call to missions I have to wonder: When Walter Goméz and Linden Unruh started the small Bible School in the southern state of Oaxaca, did they ever dream that the school would one day be training young men and women with the same vision they had to reach those who still don’t know Christ in other parts of the world.

Because they invested in training young men and women for the ministry, their legacy is now reaching further than they ever imagined. Your gifts and prayers make sure that this still continues to happen.

Seeds that Bear Fruit

Pastor Omar Corona shared with me this past week one of the stories of what God has been doing in a very poor development in the city of Monterrey, Mexico called “La Isla”.

“Julia is a married woman and has four children. Her husband finds work occasionally so she has carried the burden of providing for the family. Needless to say they are very poor.

“She became interested in the things of the Lord thanks to the fact that her children were coming to the Saturday kid’s Bible classes. It was about three years ago that she started having Bible studies with my wife Marlene. As time went on she made a decision to trust Christ as her Savior. Last month she finished an in-depth Bible Study called Firm Foundations: Creation to Christ.

“She has grown spiritually despite the opposition she has had from her family and neighbors. In the middle of all this, she has begun to share her faith with some of the neighbor ladies. One of them has opened up to having some Bible studies.

“Her son Manuel was born intellectually and mentally disabled. Doctors told her that he would never walk. Julia saw God answer her prayers when Manuel started walking at the age of almost three.

“Her other prayer has been for a place to worship closer to home. She does not always have enough money to pay for the bus fares to go to our church. When we started building a place to meet here in the part of town where she lives, she was overjoyed. Every time we had prayer she would ask God that we might be able to get the church built.

“Now that we finally have a room with a roof, doors and windows she has started helping us pray that we might get a full-time pastor who can hold regular church services in this needy area of Monterrey.

“Julia’s life has changed greatly. Now her children are learning to trust in God because they have seen the changes God has made in their mother’s life.

Update: New Church Plant

We praise God because He has responded much more abundantly than we imagined.

We have reached our financial goal for starting the church plant; although once it gets started, we will be needing more help.

As part of the planning I have been talking with Jesús Miranda who has been helping me with the logistics of this project. He also is working on some church planting projects and was telling me he has three people who are interested in working at planting churches. It is just a matter of getting the funds to help these people move out.

I am amazed and encouraged by the vision this young man has and the energy to get things done.

Suffering Brothers and Sisters

We praise God because there are now nine Christian families in the Tzental village of Avellanal. When Rogelio and his wife visited them in their village, they realized the extreme poverty in which these brothers and sisters in Christ live. So God motivated them and their church to help them with some food baskets, blankets and metal roofing for their homes.

Jaime the missionary who in spite of threats to his life carried the Gospel to this village transated the message of the Word of God that Rogelio was able to share from Spanish to Tzental.


February 21, 2018

How do you reach the world? How do you, who have not been called to the mission field, help carry out the Great Commission? The answers are many, but there is one that right now seems to be an obvious answer in many ways. We need to help train people in their own culture to reach people and make disciples of them for Christ.

As I sat listening to one of the great speakers at a missions conference this week say, “Right now one of the best things we can do is help people in other countries train people to study the Word and preach the Gospel faithfully”, I was once again amazed at the wisdom God gave Walter Gomez, our founder, in starting a Bible college to train Mexicans to reach their own people.

As I have shared with people about our work, I have told them of the forty some self-supporting churches that have grown up out of the work we started so many years ago. This is true because not only did the missionaries help plant churches but at the same time were training men and women to take their place.

A while back I started thinking that we haven’t been counting churches that our graduates started that are not part of the conference of churches we are still partnering with. Then I got a phone call just a few weeks ago. One of my former students called to thank me for all we did for him at the Seminary. He shared how he was part of starting forty churches around Mexico. I had never heard of this before. Wow! God has blessed the work started so many years ago in ways beyond whatever was dreamed.

Thanks because in one way or another you have been and are a part of making this grow even more.


January 29, 2018

We are starting a new year with new opportunities. People make resolutions and set goals, and in a way this might be good; but we need to remember the goal set before us by the One who came to this earth to save us from sin and give us the power to live the life we were meant to live for our God.

We have been called to bring glory to God.

As I stood in line at the grocery store a few days before Christmas, a lady turned and spoke to a man in the next lane. She was commenting on the long line at the register and said, “Where I come from we aren’t such hypocrites. We don’t celebrate Christmas. This is just a big money-making business.”

It made me think. In a way she was right. Most people celebrate Christmas in a hypocritical way. They celebrate the birth of a Christ they don’t want in their lives. They don’t bring glory to God.

Then I think of the lady who took part in the drama at church and who made her decision for Christ in September. She told me at the Christmas program how she had been born in a Christian family, but for so many years had never wanted to give her life to Christ. She talked of how Christ changed her life. What a difference. No hypocrisy. All the glory goes to God.

As a mission we are seeking to make sure many more come to a saving knowledge of Christ and grow in their relationship with their Savior so they can then glorify God. Pray that we might be faithful in this purpose God has set for us as a mission and as missionaries on the field.

November 29, 2017

Making Sure People Grow in the Word

For over fifty years now, EMM has been mailing lessons to people around Mexico and beyond. Our goal has been to help children, adolescents and adults grow in their knowledge of the Word and deepen their relationship with God.

Rosi is the young lady who heads up our office that sends these lessons out. It is always a blessing to visit with her and hear how God is using the lessons in the lives of our students. Let me share a few things that some of our students have written in the last few weeks.

Pedro writes: The study on Bible Survey has helped me a lot because it was a course that I have been wanting to study for so long. It has really strengthened my faith just like all the other courses I have taken.

Edgar Melo writes: The brethren who are taking the course at our church are very thankful for this material. It has helped them understand the Word of God more fully and has also helped them work as a team. We have several people who can’t read very well and others have helped them out.

Gonzalo Pérez writes: We thank God because we have been able to finish three series of studies: the Doctrine of Salvation, Overcomers, and The Practical Christian Life. The group taking these courses is very encouraged by the material you have made available for them and for the certificates they received. They want to continue studying more courses because it has helped them grow spiritually and grow in their knowledge of the Word and of God.

God is Still Saving Souls

Travel with me two hours to Tenango de Doria to visit Pastor Enoc. Our last hour of driving will be a winding downhill ride that often is foggy. Watch out, there is a bus passing on the short stretch between two curves. Wow, he just missed us. Well, we praise God that He has gotten us here safely like so many times before.

Here on the outskirts of town we find the small church that has been built to hold services, and on the second story we find a two-room parsonage with the bathroom across the yard. It is here we meet pastor Enoc who will greet you with a warm handshake and a hug. “Pastor, what has God been doing through your ministry here these past three months since you were assigned here?”

“God has blessed us greatly, especially the past month. One of the ladies who comes to church from a small village about an hour and a half from here and who recently made a decision for Christ asked me to visit her village to share the Gospel with her family. When we got there we found mostly women and children because the men had gone elsewhere to look for work. Not surprisingly, God had prepared the way before us. Several of her siblings and their spouses as well as her mother and father came to know the Lord. Since it is a very poor village of only about 200 people, the second time we went we took bread along to give out to the people. We took the time to preach the Gospel to those who came for bread, and several came to know the Lord. Now over ten people have pro-fessed trusting Christ as Savior. We are planning on visiting there again next Saturday.”

“Now one of the other families who lives in another village closer by wants us to start visiting them. They have known the Lord for some time and we are hoping to use this contact to share the Gospel with others.”

“Well, Pastor, can you take us to the market to look around a bit? We want to start back before the fog settles in too badly. We want to see some of the embroidery this town is known for. I am looking to see if they have a shirt like the one I bought just recently.”

Dedicated Pastors

Jesús Peña, another of this past year’s graduates, was assigned to a church plant in Reynosa that has never had a full-time pastor. He and his wife came to the seminary because as they read and studied their Bibles they realized that their pastor and church leaders were not teaching the Bible faithfully. This awoke in them the desire to learn to study the Word and teach it faithfully.

Just recently Pastor Peña has been teaching the book of Ephesians. As he taught on the fourth chapter he stressed Paul’s teaching on the unity of the Spirit. He encouraged the church members to start seeking each other out and to fellowship as a church. He has been glad to see how they are responding.

One of the members of the church told him quite frankly, “Some of the things you have been teaching are hard to do, but I don’t come here just to listen but to be a doer of the Word.”

Pastor Peña and his wife have not only faced the challenges of being new to the ministry, but also living in a violent city. One Sunday after church toward the end of October, they were invited to one of the member’s homes for dinner. At around nine in the evening, he stepped out to take a phone call and heard shooting around the corner from where he stood. For the next two weeks things got pretty rough in this city. There were daily shootings on the street, and at times the streets and avenues would be barricaded.

It is a blessing to have a seminary that is preparing pastors like this.

Silence Zone

There is an area in central Mexico that is known in evangelical circles as the Silence Zone. It is comparable to the 10/40 window because the percentage of Christians is less than one percent of the population. Even though other parts of Mexico boast of having 33% evangelical Christians, this part of Mexico has been a stronghold for paganism, idolatry, witchcraft, and a host of social problems.

Because of this, this is a land of single mothers, youngsters that start drinking at an early age, and an area with a high incidence of suicide.

San Joaquin is nestled in the mountains of the state of Queretaro which is two and a half hours from the state capital. It is also one of the many towns in this region with no viable witness of the Gospel and the gateway to several very poor counties in the state.

Seeing the need to spur the planting of churches in this area, EMM has decided to create a project to help support one of our Mexican brethren to go out and establish a church in this region. We have already identified the town of San Joaquin as one of the places where we would like to help plant a church.

Others have come into this town and done some evangelism but have never stuck around to make sure a church is planted because it is far from the state capital and is a poor area. We are working with people that are dedicated to making sure there is a light that will shine in this dark land.

Will you help us in raising the funds for this project? We are looking at a monthly budget of $900.00 for this project. That is a goal of $10,800 for one year. We would like to raise the major part of this need before July of next year when we want to appoint someone to start the church plant. Please help us take the light of the Gospel to this needy town and in the future to others where few if any have heard of the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ. You can be a part of this exciting project by sending in a gift toward this project or pledging a monthly amount toward this goal.