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Dr. Jerry and Donna Layton
ABWE - Iloilo City, Philippines

October 7, 2017

Thank You, All Who Prayed for This Trip

God gave traveling mercies for Jerry’s 10-day trip, which included a last-minute re-routing and change of airline due to flight delays. He ended up on a direct flight from LAX to Manila, allowing him 8 hours uninterrupted sleep! God gave good health and strength for his busy speaking schedule during his 6 days in Davao City, where we served during our first term of missionary service. Jerry spoke 21 hours: 5 hours in church settings, and 16 hours of Creation Evangelism.

His invitation focus was to speak at the 62nd Anniversary Celebration of Heritage Baptist Church, where we worked as part of a church strengthening team in 1983. He also spoke mid-week at Harvest Baptist Church, our first church planting based out of Heritage in another part of the city, which is still pastored by our Filipino church-planting partner, Salvador Caspillo since 1984. What a joy also to speak in his Bible School!

The Heritage Baptist Church anniversary celebration on Sunday September 24 was truly a joyous event, and it was followed that afternoon with a well-attended 2-hr. Inter-church Creation Science Symposium.

6 Days of Creation Science Campus Evangelism

In addition to speaking 5 hours in church settings, Pastor Philip Fernandez, who is also national director of Campus Bible Fellowship, scheduled Jerry for a 2-hr. radio interview and 14 hours of Creation Science Campus Evangelism in local schools and universities during the week. (One venue was forced to cancel when a last-minute holiday was declared by the President of the Philippines, but the other 6 were not affected since they were scheduled on other days.) Jerry was thrilled to be able give his 2-hour Creation Science Symposium in schools: contrasting Creation Science as The Alternative of Evolution. We are rejoicing that there is still a wide-open door for this message that wins many to Christ!

The school venues included 2 major universities, 1 Career-prep college, 2 high schools, and 1 Medical School Bible-study group of 20+ students from India. This last one really touched Jerry’s heart! Organized by the pastor’s wife, Jenna Fernandez, who is a surgeon teaching at the medical school, many of these Indian students still call themselves “agnostics” from religious backgrounds; but all enjoy studying the Bible and attend Heritage Baptist Church! Jerry enjoyed their questions being uniquely related to their religious backgrounds, and one young woman expressed worry that if she openly professes Christ, her family will disown and possible harm her! Please pray for this young lady and for Jenna Fernandez and this unique cross-cultural evangelistic opportunity. Also, please pray for the Heritage Baptist Church student workers who are following up students who filled out salvation-decision slips after Jerry spoke.

Although it was a busy schedule and the travel was exhausting, Jerry came home energized and rejoicing for all the Lord did during this trip to the Philippines. Lord willing, we hope to have more ministry opportunities like this!

Isaiah 55:11-12 “My word… will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it: 12 You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace. the mountains and hills will burst into song before you.”

Please Be Praying With Us

  • Isaiah 55:11-12 “My word… will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it: 12 You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace. the mountains and hills will burst into song before you.”
  • For Jenna Fernandez as she mentors her Indian medical-school students: that they all may find peace and joy in knowing Christ as personal Lord & Savior.
  • For the Lord’s leading regarding future ministry invitations.

God Bless you all as we pray without ceasing!

September 12, 2017

Yes, you read that right! On Saturday Sept. 16, Jerry (alone this time) will be flying to Davao City for just 10 days Sept. 16-26. He is invited to speak for the 62nd Church Anniversary of Heritage Baptist Church, where we started out as missionaries in 1983. And don’t worry (but do pray), they consider Davao to be safe under Martial Law, with wise precautions, and we do have the blessing of our ABWE Regional Director on the trip. Click on highlighted links for info.

The new pastor there is Philip Fernandez, a Master’s Seminary graduate, who has been a dear friend and ministry partner in campus evangelism. He was in Singapore where we both attended the Aug. 7-11 The TMAI Asia-Pacific Regional Summit, which he attended as a partnering church pastor. What an unexpected blessing when the group from the Philippines greeted me with my Creation Seminar songs! Their song leader was Errol Parpa who assisted me in early days and is now a pastor. Although we had previously turned down Philip’s invitation months ago, he enticed me to reconsider with promises of Creation Evangelism in schools, plus mid-week speaking at our nearby first-term church-plant, Harvest Baptist Church, plus strategic visits to schedule a future TMAI Creation Worldview Seminar.

Donna and I returned Aug. 17 from the Philippines after 2 and ½ months serving as temporary managers for our ABWE R&R Guest Cottages in the mile-high Baguio City. THANK YOU to all who prayed for us, because we felt your prayers as we struggled to master the book keeping for the often full-compound of mission-group retreats! We loved being back where our kids enjoyed family vacations growing up as MKs. And I loved daily morning devotions in Genesis with the 4 wonderful Filipino staff workers.

Jerry also gave two Creation Worldview Seminars. First, we traveled to a TMAI partner church 4 hours away, where he taught 8 hours over 2 Saturdays to an overflow crowd of more than 466, organized by their vibrant youth group, and attended by all ages. The Sunday morning service also was packed out, and we were blessed by the unquenchable enthusiasm of those attending. The second was a shortened version at nearby Baguio Baptist Church, where the all-day Saturday (5 hours only, plus Sunday) was well attended with riveted attention, despite the heat that weekend. We were amazed by some who recounted attending our seminars years ago! One even told how he still does follow-up seminars in schools.

So please be praying for our remaining days of preparation, and for Donna left behind (with 10 grandkids nearby).


  • Sat. Sept 16-17: 26 hours travel (includes layovers) Sacramento to Manila
  • Mon. 18: 2-hour flight to Davao City, rest & recover from jet-lag.
  • Tue. 19: Campus Evangelism, 1 in the morning & 1 in the afternoon
  • Wed. 20: morning-visit a local pastor whose church hosts a TMAI Pastoral Training Center; afternoon-speak at the Bible School of Harvest Baptist Church (our 2nd Davao church planting); evening-preach at Harvest Baptist Church, pastored by Salvador Caspillo since our church plant
  • Thu. 21: Campus Evangelism, 1 in the morning & 1 in the afternoon
  • Fri. 22: Rest in the morning; Ministry with students from India in the afternoon
  • Sat. 23: Inter-church & inter-bible school Creation Worldview Seminar; 4 or 5 hours
  • Sun. 24: Heritage Baptist Church 62nd Church Anniversary, preaching in the morning
  • Mon. 25: Rest ½ day, then 2-hour flight to Manila guesthouse.

Matthew 9:38 (esv) “Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest.”

  • Tue. 26: 24 hours travel (includes layovers) back to home!
June 5, 2017

We are busy packing for our next ministry trip to the Philippines June 12-August 17. We will be filling in for the managers of Doane Rest which houses our mission R&R guest cottages in the mile-high city of Baguio, in the mountains of the northern Philippines, where our family often vacationed. It will be nice to be there again, even if it is not for a vacation.

Baguio is about 4 hours north of Manila by expressway followed by a winding mountain road. Hot season is April and May, and schools are on summer break. Rainy season starts in June, which coincides with the start of the new school year. It is also typhoon season, and Baguio is sometimes in the path of these storms.

In addition to managing Doane Rest, Jerry also will be doing some weekend Genesis Apologetics Seminars. Local Pastors have expressed an interest and we will schedule with them once we arrive. He has also agreed to travel to Manila to speak the weekends of July 8 & 15, and has been busy updating his handouts in preparation for this. He’s been having some last-minute glitches with formatting, and prayers are appreciated as he finalizes and sends them off.

Jerry has an opportunity August 7-11 to attend The Master’s Seminary International (TMAI) Conference in Singapore, which would give him a chance to interact with personnel from other centers in Asia. Please pray for wisdom in deciding whether-or-not he should go.

As you may have heard, martial law has been declared for 3 months on the island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines which has a substantial Muslim population in some areas. Since Baguio is on the island of Luzon in the northern Philippines we are not affected directly, but prayers are appreciated for peace and order in the southern Philippines. We lived in Davao City on the island of Mindanao during our first term of missionary service, so we have many friends there.

Praise: We are so thankful for the ministry opportunities the Lord is giving us, and for you and your prayers and financial support that enable us to still “declare [God’s] power to the next generation”! We praise the Lord for Jerry’s successful surgery for prostate cancer last year (March); our ministry trip to Fortaleza Brazil (September), and Jerry’s ministry trip to an un-named country where he joined a colleague to teach (November).


  • We are excited and looking forward to this next ministry trip and would appreciate your prayers!
  • For strength and clear minds as we pack and prepare for our June 12 departure, as well as traveling mercies, rest, and good health as we travel and settle in.
  • For clear minds and a smooth transition as the managers orient us to our responsibilities at Doane Rest. (We are scheduled to arrive in Baguio before dawn on the 14th, and they leave on the 16th.) Pray that we will be a good host and hostess for the guests. Also pray that the compound might be spared any damage in the event of a typhoon.
  • For Jerry to clearly communicate the truths of Genesis Apologetics as he travels to Manila to speak July 8 & 15, as well as other local seminars which will be scheduled.
  • For wisdom deciding if Jerry should attend the TMAI conference in Singapore August 7-11.
  • For peace and order in the southern Philippines.


December 21, 2016

Dear Family and Special Friends,

We are so thankful to have each and every one of you in our lives! As we look back on this past year, we realize it was an eventful year, and we could not have done all this without God’s help in response to prayers!

The first half of the year found us dealing with the unexpected diagnosis of Jerry’s prostate cancer, followed by successful surgery and recovery. We praise the Lord that he is now declared cancer free, and despite delays we were able to travel and minister as Jerry recovered. The above photo was taken in April, when all 4 of our kids got together to encourage Jerry shortly after his surgery. It was the first time for them to be together in 5 years.

The second half of the year we did a lot of traveling, beginning with a cross country drive pulling our travel trailer to attend our ABWE Missionary Enrichment Conference in Virginia, where we were able to catch up with missionary friends from around the world that we would never see otherwise, as well as spend time with our son Mike and his family (6 of our grandchildren aged 1-13) in Pennsylvania. We also made time to visit both of Donna’s brothers (in GA and CO) as well as former missionary colleagues along the way. We even got to tour the very exciting newly opened Ark encounter in Kentucky with former missionary co-workers, and camped in Yellowstone with other missionary friends.

We traveled to the Northwest in May to present Creation Science at a homeschool convention, and took two overseas trips to give Creation Worldview Conferences. We traveled together to Fortaleza Brazil in September, and Jerry traveled alone to a limited-access nation in November. In both countries, church leaders who attended expressed appreciation that their eyes were opened to critical issues of Bible inerrancy, and we have been invited back to conduct further trainings. After the holidays we plan to send out a year-end ministry report with more ministry details.

After so many years of living overseas away from family, we really treasure having family nearby. When we are home, we have the privilege to sit under the ministry of our son Pastor Phil Layton at Gold Country Baptist Church in Shingle Springs, CA. We are blessed to be a part of a wonderful church family there, and it is so nice to have Phil and his family (5 grandchildren aged 6-13) living nearby. Our blessings have recently increased, because our daughter, Lisa and her family (4 grandchildren aged 1-6, and another due next May) have just moved to Shingle Springs from southern CA! Just last week they were able to purchase of a lovely house very near the church we now all attend!

Both of Jerry’s sisters will be visiting us for Christmas. Our daughter Laura and family (2 grandchildren aged 13 & 17) planned to visit this Christmas from AZ, but due to circumstances beyond their control, they have had to postpone until March.

We love each and every one of you, and thank you for your love and prayers! May the God whose “Word became flesh” bless you this Christmas season and throughout the coming year!

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God.” Colossians 3:16


September 9, 2016

Dear Prayer Partners,

Please be in much prayer for our travels this coming Monday, and Jerry’s 12+ messages the next 2 weeks in Fortaleza, Brazil as guests of ABWE missionary friends Jerry & Lynda Neuman. Read and print if you can our PRAISE AND PRAYER section below which has important details. Notice also the graphic at the bottom of this letter of the banner advertising the Conference, stating my topic in Portuguese. We hope to recover enough after this trip to give a full report of all our travels.

Praise & Prayer - for God to use us to boldly share His message in Brazil

  • Cross-country trip July 9-Aug 22 God’s protection driving to visit family, ABWE Missionary Enrichment Conf, and Answers in Genesis’s Ark Encounter in KY, “Bigger than Imagination”!
  • 13 PowerPoint Presentations prepared in advance for the translator, the last one to be fully edited this afternoon after our son Pastor Phil helped me with the elusive outline just yesterday!
  • Message Translators: Gabriela de Carvalho is translating each slide, and Diego Ramos will be my side-kick translator. Both share my training background from Answers in Genesis.
  • Safe Travels to/from Brazil Sept 12 and 28: smooth connections, strength and good health for the busy ministry ahead. Delta scheduled only one hour in Atlanta for our connecting flight to Brazil.
  • Sept 19-23 Creation World View Conference: Jerry preaches twice each night to the SIBIMA fellowship of missions-minded fellowship of churches, defending the historical inerrancy of Genesis.
  • Weekends Sept 16-18 and 24-24: Church messages on Genesis Relevance and youth group messages on Genesis Apologetics, including a university group on Friday the 16th.
  • Proposed November speaking in Asia: My American host was called to jury duty for a lengthy trial, so we’ll wait to see whether he’s actually seated on that jury before making further plans.

God Bless you partnering in prayer without ceasing!

July 6, 2016

Now that Jerry’s cancer is gone, our God has rekindled, stronger than ever, His desire in our hearts to “Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous deeds among all peoples” (Psalm 96:3).

As “active-retired” ABWE missionaries, we are able to go anywhere we’re invited, so long as the Lord of Harvest provides good health and travel funds in our ABWE support account. Locally, we’re connected with a dynamic Sacramento-based group called Genesis Apologetics which is affiliated with Answers in Genesis (Click the highlighted names for websites). We are very willing to travel to our supporting churches and others who are interested, to speak on creation worldview. And when invited, we can also travel to TMAI (The Masters Academy International) Training Centers to give Creation Worldview Conferences. More about that after we tell how the Lord has been preparing us.

May 15-16 Home-Schoolers Creation Worldview Conference in Snohomish, WA

Our first ministry trip after Jerry’s surgery was to Snohomish WA, where he gave 6 presentations in 2 days for a Creation Worldview Conference for the Lighthouse Home-school Group. He was exhausted from standing so much, but exhilarated by the positive responses. Our heartfelt thanks goes to Emmanuel Baptist Church of Snohomish for opening their pulpit to Jerry on Sunday and hosting the conference, and to Camp Gilead for the refreshing and relaxing housing.

Getting PowerPoints ready for translation before September Brazil Conference

Things like this just seem to take us so much longer as we are aging! The conference isn't until September, but we’ve been working overtime to send off 12+ messages to Brazilian translators before we leave July 8 on our cross country trip. The 6 presentations we used in Snohomish have been revised and divided into these messages. Please be praying now for the Brazilian translators to have wisdom and great skill in translating text boxes in our sometimes elaborate PowerPoints. Also, please pray for Jerry’s preparation of additional messages, and eventually scripts for the "stand-up translator" who will be beside him throughout that busy week.

This preparation has been more stressful at times than what we’re used to, but it's a great privilege that God has given us this special time to perfect what we've spent many years developing to make His message more powerful and clear! And we recognize our Father’s clear providential hand teaching us to let go of stress! Just last week He impressed on Jerry to print out and meditate frequently on Philippians 4:4-7, which he already had memorized:

Be anxious for nothing, but in every situation, by prayer and supplications with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

July 8 to Aug 22: Cross-Country Ministry Trip

Please pay for traveling mercies as we drive cross country with our travel trailer for a delightful mixture of ministry and R&R. We’ll attend our Missionary Enrichment conference in Washington DC, speak at a church in PA; visit family, friends, supporters, and the Ark Encounter near Cincinnati. On our way home we have reservations to camp in Yellowstone National Park with dear friends who also have an Asia teaching ministry for Jerry later this year.

Sept. 19-23: Brazil Creation Worldview Conference

Jerry will be giving 10 evening sessions Sept. 15-27 for the Bible Conference of their fellowship of churches in Fortaleza, and on the weekends before and after he is scheduled for one church service each Sunday, 2 youth group messages, and a Missions Conference banquet. Fellow ABWE missionaries Jerry & Lynda Neuman have been coordinating the details with us.

Sept. 24: Teach TMAI students meeting in the host Church

Jerry’s Brazilian friend, Diego Ramos, who he providentially roomed with at the 2010 Answers in Genesis International Training Seminar “just happened” to recently establish a TMAI graduate class after having graduated from The Master's Seminary! He says his students will attend the conference, as well as additional sessions he has asked Jerry to give on Saturday. What joy it is to have this unexpected "divine appointment" with this dear friend from 7 years ago!

November Invitations to Asia

As of right now, one schedule for Asia in November has been “nailed down”. So pray with us as we communicate with others who have invited us, to possibly coordinate additional teaching opportunities at the Philippines TMAI Center, and a church ministry in Taiwan, as the Lord leads.

We are deeply grateful to the many of you who prayed us through this past 3-month “Time Out from the Lord”. Now keep praying all the more as we minister together for the Gospel reaching lost souls by training believers to more powerfully share God’s Good News starting with its foundation in Genesis!

Prayer Requests

We need extra prayer as everything seems to take longer as we age. PLEASE PRAY FOR:

  • Completion of 12+ Power Point Messages for the Brazil Conference for advance translation into Portuguese.
  • Traveling mercies on our July 8-Aug 22 cross country ministry / R&R trip with our travel trailer.
  • Brazil travel arrangements still to be finalized for our trip Sept. 15-27 where Jerry will be speaking at a World View Conference in Fortaleza.
  • Brazilian translators of our PowerPoint Presentations into Portuguese: That God will grant them skill and wisdom.
  • Wisdom scheduling a proposed trip to the Philippines, Taiwan, and one other country in November.
  • Opportunities here in the US to present Creation Worldview to our supporting churches, and other churches and venues.

“I thank my God upon every remembrance of you …for your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now” (Philippians 1:3-5)

March 23, 2016

He has risen from the dead!” (Mt 28:7) “so we too might walk in newness of life.” (Romans 6:4)

Praise our Risen Lord with us! Jerry is declared cancer free! Results of the biopsies from Jerry's March 1 prostate removal surgery showed no cancer in the margins of the prostate or the lymph nodes! So there is no need for further treatment!

Jerry still faces a few weeks of physical therapy getting back to normal, but otherwise seems to be in excellent health and strength for whatever the Lord has ahead for us! Pray for us as we get back to scheduling churches and make future plans for Genesis Apologetics in local churches and with The Masters Academy International.

Our God is good all the time, even in times of trouble! He specially comforted with two passages:

Psalm 34:4 “I sought the Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears”.

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Wishing you all a Joyous Easter!


February 26, 2016

I said in our Christmas letter that we would send “a fuller report complete with pictures, after the holidays”. But that was delayed until now by an unexpected diagnosis of Prostate Cancer discovered during Jerry’s annual physical exam! We thank God that He led us to an excellent Urologist who assures us they caught it in time for complete eradication, Lord willing. Also we rejoice that our local hospital has the most modern DaVinci robotic surgical equipment! Jerry’s surgery is scheduled 4 days from now, March 1 at 8:00am!

We have postponed Jerry’s May trip to Asia, and re-scheduled a Seattle-area conference until after his recovery. But starting later this spring we hope to be able to schedule update reports in all our supporting churches, as well as Creation Worldview conferences where requested over the coming year. Yes, it’s like right now the Lord has assigned us a brief “Time Out” to get our lives and Jerry’s health in order for the active future we still anticipate by God’s grace.

We’ve prepared well for this surgery consuming the pre-op literature, and perhaps the most valuable was a pamphlet given me by a pastor, John Piper’s “Don’t Waste Your Cancer”, summed up by:

Psalm 27: 11 Teach me your way, Lord; lead me in a straight path. 13 I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. 14 Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.

Local Ministry Turnover: In a special ceremony, Doane Baptist Church of Iloilo (birth-place of both ABWE and Creation Science Campus Evangelism), was officially given the keys for the Creation Science ministry and facilities, under the capable leadership of Pastor Jan Digno.

Philippines Partners’ Financial Support for Vic’s Ministry:

Jerry’s protégé Vic de Paz has a nation-wide network of local-based ministry partners, who are starting to respond to his need of locally-funded full financial support and travel funds for him to continue serving as their home missionary nation-wide as Creation Science Campus Evangelism National Coordinator.

The Masters’ Academy International (TMAI) tentative schedule:

The Philippines-based Training Center of this Master’s Seminary worldwide outreach has become the first to invite Jerry to teach his Genesis Apologetics course. There are 20 TMAI Training Centers around the world where Jerry may be invited to teach in the future.

Prayer Requests

  • for God to teach us each day to not waste my cancer, but to grow more confidence in Him.
  • Successful surgery and recovery for Jerry: God’s wisdom and skill for the doctors and staff.
  • All-Asian Creation Conference Asia in May 2016: Attendance by our Philippines Team.
  • Full Local Financial Support by Filipino Partners for Vic de Paz, our CSCE Nat’l Evangelism Coordinator.
  • TMAI Philippines teaching module scheduling and preparation for Creation Apologetics course.
  • Scheduling Supporting Churches: Update Reports starting spring 2016 and throughout the year.
  • Carnation WA Homeschool Group: May15-16 Creation Worldview Equipping Seminar.
  • Brazil Creation Conference rescheduled fall 2016: translation of PowerPoints beginning soon.

God Bless you all as we pray without ceasing.

December 19, 2015

A passage not often quoted at Christmas fits well with our Creation ministry which you remind you to be praying for:

Hebrerws 1:6 - When God brings his firstborn into the world, he says, “Let all God’s angels worship him.”

We trust and pray that all of you who read this are also worshipping this eternal Word of God who came into the world as God’s only-begotten Son to live the perfectly sinless life only He could live, qualifying him to be God’s Redeemer and Savior of us His “elect before the foundation of the world” (Ephesians 1).

And in our Creation ministry, we have been blessed by God with the special privilege of stressing the foundational reason for the season, stated clearly just previous to the above quoted passage:

2but in these last days God has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom also he made the universe. 3The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word. After he had provided purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven.

Let us all be active in reminding people that this baby in a manger is worthy of all praise and worship from all mankind precisely because He is actually the glorious Creator of the Universe, who at that special moment in history was miraculously born into humanity to begin God’s end-times plan of restoring His fallen creation to its “very good” original state, transforming us by his atoning death for our sins and resurrection power into a special people who will forevermore bring Jesus glory seated on high as King of kings and Lord of lords!!!!!

Trip the Philippines Completely Successful! For those who prayed, and are still waiting breathlessly for our report, suffice it now during the midst of holidays that Jerry’s three major goals in 3 different parts of the country were completely accomplished! God even did more and beyond what we had humbly expected. I’ll report fully with pictures after the holidays, but here were my goals which God accomplished:

  • Local Ministry TurnOver: In a special ceremony Doane Baptist Church of Iloilo, birth-place of both ABWE and Creation Science Campus Evangelism (CSCE), was officially given the keys of all ministry and facilities.
  • National Ministry Coordinator gaining support: Jerry’s protégé Vic de Paz has a wonderful national network of enthusiastic ministry partners, who are starting to respond to his need of local support to indigenize CSCE.
  • TMAI Philippines tentative schedule: 2 leaders of the local Training Center, who happen to be good friends, have become first of hopefully 19+ worldwide Training Centers to schedule my Genesis Apologetics trainings.

More with a full report, complete with pictures, after the holidays. Have a wonderful time glorifying our glorious Creator who became our Savior, and looking forward to His glorious return to establish His Kingdom forever!

Please PRAY for God to grant us for energy, clear minds, health and safety in the year to come:

  • Trip to Brazil rescheduled fall 2016: translation of PowerPoints begins after the holidays.
  • Preparation of Creation Apologetics course for TMAI.
  • Scheduling visits to supporting churches starting spring 2016.
  • Upcoming trip to Asia in May 2016 (initial planning stage).


October 26, 2015

God has pleasantly amazed us with two new ministry opportunities to expand our Creation ministry worldwide and nationally. After I taught Creation Apologetics in our Philippines seminary last November, our expected trips to Brazil and the Philippines were postponed, providentially redirecting our paths.

Early this year, I was contacted by the director of TMAI (The Masters Academy International), an outreach of The Master’s Seminary, to talk about developing a modular Creation Apologetics course that I could teach as a missionary, which would be promoted in their 19+ Training Centers worldwide! One of my favorite TMS professors (also “retired”) will advise me developing the course. At about the same time, closer to home, I was invited to become an ambassador for the Sacramento-based ministry Genesis Apologetics (genesisapologetics.com) ministry which has goals for reaching American students that are very similar to our campus ministry in the Philippines.

Trip to Philippines Nov. 5-25

I will meet with trustees of Doane Baptist Church in Iloilo to finalize our financial obligations related to the Creation Science facilities now managed by the church.  Our Creation Science Campus Evangelism team, headed by associate Pastor Jan Digno, continues as a powerful outreach to universities and schools, so I’ll enjoy strategic planning with them, including an All-Asia Creation Conference scheduled next year in Seoul Korea.

Our Philippines National Director, Vic DePaz, will fly from his Leyte ministry outreach to meet me in Iloilo. He no longer receives monthly support from us but is committed to continuing with the Creation Science ministry, and we plan to brainstorm creative ideas for raising needed travel funds.  Vic was recently hospitalized for a gall bladder attack, so pray with us for his health and strength! He also reports the sad loss of a Creation Evangelist and our dear friend Pastor Pabs Cañete who recently died of a heart attack. Please pray for Pabs’ wife & 3 children.

On my way out of the country, I’ll be preaching at our former Metro-Manila church plant Heritage Christian Church of Quezon City, rejoicing in lives of friends continuing faithful to the Lord there.  On Monday I’ll meet with missionary teachers Allan Luciano and Sean Ransom at the TMAI Philippines Training Center (locally called The Expositor’s Academy) to hopefully schedule a future class. Allan is supported by our CA home church, and Sean first visited the Philippines with our son Phil on a missions trip from Grace Community Church, Sun Valley CA.

Thankyou for your continued prayers and financial support that enables us to continue ministering!  Last month we enjoyed refreshing fellowship at Baptist Network NW Pastors & Wives Retreat, Cannon Beach OR, while visiting some of our faithful supporting churches in WA and OR.  We plan to schedule more visits to churches in the spring. So Pastors, please email us if you have a special slot on your church calendar to fill!

Please Pray

  • for God to grant us for energy, clear minds, health and safety
  • Jerry’s Nov 5-25 trip to Philippines: travel mercies & encouragement to all.
  • Trip to Brazil rescheduled fall 2016: translation of PowerPoints begins after the holidays.
  • Preparation of Creation Apologetics course for TMAI.
  • Scheduling visits to supporting churches starting spring 2016.
  • Possibility of another trip to Asia in May 2016.
December 17, 2014

Dear Prayer Partners,

“I thank my God every time I remember you; in all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now,” (Philippians 1:3-5)

These words were often on my mind as we both felt your prayers in this difficult but ultimately gratifying assignment! We’ll try to explain as you read how God has providentially taken us in unexpected paths outside our comfort zone. We are SO VERY GRATEFUL for your prayers through this, and for those who sacrificially continue your financial support that allows us to expend all this energy on new learning at our age! THANK YOU for partnering with us in these vital ways, enabling us to confidently pursue God opening new doors for us to help train church leaders and campus ministries to better fulfill 1 Peter 3:15 “…always being prepared to make a defense [Greek: “apologia”] to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you”!

What is Bible Apologetics? And how did we get involved teaching it?

During my February visit after super-typhoon Yolanda, I was requested by faculty of Doane Baptist Seminary to return in Nov. to help launch the new Master of Arts in Ministry degree by teaching my specialty: Bible Apologetics (defending the faith), since our focus is evangelistic Apologetics ministry. But 2 challenges: (1) I’ve never liked classroom teaching! My comfort zone is teaching with PowerPoint seminar or workshop style, NOT lecturing from a desk or lectern. And (2) I had never had a course in Apologetics! In seminary I deliberately opted out because it is traditionally taught in philosophical arguments. Boring! What we can see now is that God was teaching us anew Isaiah 55:8: “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways”, declares the Lord.

Encouragement came in my class-prep research when I discovered a new focus in Apologetics among seminaries listed by AiG as believing Genesis is literal history: Creation doctrines, not philosophical wisdom, must be our Apologetics starting point! Why not start where God does: revealing Himself as All-Powerful All-Knowing Sovereign Creator! God then led us in what I call our “crash course in Creation-based Bible Apologetics”:

March 1: Mike Riddle, CTI trainer & AiG adjunct, taught us “Basic Creation Apologetics” in El Cajon, CA;
March 5-9: At Shepherd’s Conference the very next week Brazilian pastors sought me to discuss inviting me; April 26: Answers in Genesis Video Conference training at the Creation Museum, suggested by Mike Riddle;
June 2-6: Creation Apologetics Teachers College, Ridgecrest, NC, 40 attendees, talk by Mike Riddle;
July 6-Sep 21: Asked by Elders to teach a 14-Sunday Apologetics SS at our church, Gold Country Baptist;
Oct. 10-11: Attended Masters College-sponsored Institute for Creation Research Apologetics Conf. at GCC;
Oct. 17-19: Mike Riddle Advanced Apologetics Workshops at Gold Country BC. We left the following morning!

At last I felt almost ready when our plane touched down in the Philippines. First stop was cool mile-high Baguio City (see top-most star on the map above) where we had wisely scheduled our first week for rest and recovery from jet-lag in our mission’s vacation cottages. We enjoyed re-connecting with ABWE Missionaries Ben and Sarah Horton and family. When we flew to Iloilo (see map, we had another week before my class began to settle into our missionary apartment on the 3rd floor of Doane Baptist Church, and get my 109 page course syllabus printed and collated!

The course was taught as a module: 30 hours on-site instruction November 5-14, four hours daily for 8 school days, follow-up with research papers monthly thru March. Students are in blue uniform, and white for the young lady, who happens to be a former science teacher from the university where Donna and I worked as Peace Corps science-teacher-trainers 45 years ago!

Our National Director, Dr. Vic de Paz (pictured next page) arrived the 2nd day of class after his special trip from his Creation Science Training center in Leyte to be Jerry’s teacher assistant (TA), which Jerry greatly appreciated, especially with some cultural issues needing Bible answers and sensitivity.

Here’s why we call it PRACTICAL Apologetics:

What a blessing it was to see these students each giving their own oral presentations our last day with them! Donna and I graded them using the student evaluation criteria Mike Riddle used on us. By the end of the semester in March when they finish their 3 follow-up defense papers, they will surely be fully equipped to train church members and young people to defend the inerrancy and reliability of Scripture from the very first verse!

Other Related Ministries in Iloilo

I was informed when we first arrived that I would be preaching 2 Sundays, and was also asked to practice and sing with the Seminary faculty at a Pastor’s conference our first night there! We also were able to spend time with Pastor Balm Escobar of the church, and Dr. Kent and Dra. Sandra Pool (ABWE Missionary friends teaching at the Seminary)

Perhaps our greatest joy was meeting with our growing Doane Baptist Church Creation Evangelism team.

Pastor Peter ministers as IT specialist; Ella (MD) (Peter’s wife) teaches at a nearby Medical. school;& presents there and in schools; Rex: business owner who helps present in schools; Pastor Jan Digno, Minister of Worship and Evangelism at Doane Baptist Church, who heads up the Iloilo team, preaches regularly, teaches Science & the Bible at Doane Baptist Seminary, and is working on his PHD in Education. Carla Rojo, Manager of our resource room & presenter.

Dr. Vic de Paz partners when needed with the Doane’s Creation Science Team, and has formed other evangelistic partnerships with campus groups and pastors’ fellowships nationwide, coordinating with schools and universities. His newest partnership is with the University of the Philippines Manila Medical College campus where his eldest daughter is a highly respected scholar and researcher. A large nearby church has partnered by providing an empty office across from the Med school, which he plans to develop as a 3rd Creation Science Resource Center! Praise God! He recently wrote from Tacloban, Leyte, that he and his wife survived the recent super-typhoon "Hagupit" (Tagalog for “Whiplash”) in their new church home, sheltering neighbors in the downstairs sanctuary.

What's next for us?

We desire to contact like-minded profs of Genesis-believing seminaries in the US and around the world who may want to partner with us training church leaders to equip God’s people with “weapons of our warfare [that] are not of the flesh, but have divine power for pulling down strongholds, 5 casting down arguments and every lofty opinion that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ, (2 Corinthians 10:3-5)

Please Pray

for continuing good health and strength for God’s Plans for our 2015 and beyond:

  • January: Wisdom to strategize partnerships worldwide for training creation evangelists & church leaders.
  • February: Start translations of our training materials for year-end trainings in Brazil.
  • June: possible return trip to the Philippines to assist training for new Creation Science Campus Evangelists. (Please pray for wisdom in deciding about this trip.)
  • Oct-Nov: Brazil trainings in churches & seminaries for Creation-based Evangelism & Apologetics.

MERRY CHRISTMAS and God Bless you all!

Jerry & Donna Layton

October 20, 2014

Dear Prayer Partners,


We would appreciate your prayers as we make last minute preparations for our trip to the Philippines in just a couple of days!   We’re scheduled to leave October 20 and return November 20.


Jerry will be teaching a 2 week graduate-level module at Doane Baptist Seminary in Iloilo, which he calls “Practical Bible Apologetics” with an emphasis on Creation Apologetics. It will be a 2-week modular format 4 hours per day over 8 class days to 12 or more students of the new MA graduate-degree program starting this semester. He just finished teaching a 14 week Creation Apologetics Sunday School class at Gold Country Baptist Church in Shingle Springs CA, and much of that material will be incorporated into the course he’ll be teaching in the Philippines. Jerry chose to not take Apologetics while he was in Seminary, so he has been feverishly comparing course outlines from Genesis-believing seminaries, and needs lots of prayer as he finalizes his course syllabus and notes!  It is our hope that we might be able to also teach this on other mission fields as needed, as long as the Lord continues to give us the health and finances to continue traveling.

During breaks from teaching, we’ll enjoy times with Vic DePaz, Jan Digno, Carla and the Creation Evangelism team at our Iloilo headquarters in Doane Baptist Church.  Vic continues to be very active in Creation Science Campus Evangelism partnering with campus groups throughout the Philippines.  We had also hoped to visit Vic in Tacloban Leyte, where Jerry visited him last February in the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda.  But Vic reports that the airport is currently closed for repairs, and suggested it would be better if he joined us in Iloilo. It is still our hope that Vic and his wife, Elaine, might be able to move from Tacloban to Iloilo, once the typhoon ravaged churches in Leyte that he is assisting are stabilized.  Prayers are appreciated.


On our way out of the Philippines we’ll visit new-missionary friends who are supported by Gold Country Baptist Church, Allan and Sandi Luciano, who live in Metro- Manila.  Alan is ministering at Expositor’s Academy, part of TMAI (The Masters Academy International), dedicated to raising up pastors who preach God/s word accurately and clearly.  We’ve prayed that our Apologetics course will open doors through ABWE and TMAI.  We are also making plans for a trip to Brazil this time next year, initiated by ABWE missionaries, Jerry and Lynda Neuman.

Please pray for our good health and safety, and for our prospective students.

  • Now: Final preparation for our October 20 departure and traveling mercies.
  • Oct.22-28: Baguio City ABWE Doane Rest cottage overcoming jetlag, and final class preparations.
  • Oct.29: Arrive in our Iloilo Creation Science Apartment, final arrangements for teaching and other ministries.
  • Nov.5-14: Jerry teaching “Practical Bible Apologetics” Doane Baptist Seminary, for students to learn and apply.
  • Nov.8: Reunion with Doane Baptist Church Creation Evangelists, some new team members, and Vic De Paz.
  • Nov.18-19: Visit TMAI missionary friends Allan & Sandi Luciano (supported by our CA church) in Metro-Manila.
  • Nov.20 The long cramped flight back home, exhausted but refreshed from wonderful fellowship with partners!
April 22, 2014

Thank you again for your prayers and financial support that enabled Jerry’s strategic visit to the Philippines Feb 10-24. Our Goals: (1) We hoped to convince our Filipino Director, Vic dePaz, to move from typhoon-battered Tacloban City to the residence intended for them in our central headquarters; and (2) Strategic planning with our Creation Science Team at our headquarters in Iloilo City, headed by Pastor Digno assisted by our resource administrator, Miss Carla Rojo. 

Jerry’s first 3 days were in Tacloban, Leyte, hoping to convince Vic and Elaine dePaz it’s time to move to their designated residence at the Creation Science Resources headquarters in centrally-located Iloilo City, Panay, where his leadership expertise is greatly needed.  He is willing to move, but not immediately since other encouraging ministry partners were already helping him construct a 2-storey building on dedicated church land to become his Creation Science Leyte office downstairs, a local residence upstairs, as well as adjoining Sunday Worship Center.

Jerry then flew to Iloilo, and Vic came later to meet with the Iloilo Creation Science Team and church pastor to share his new partnership plans which he hopes will provide ongoing local support for Creation Science ministry. They invited BOTH DONNA AND ME to return this fall to (1) upgrade current Creation Evangelists, (2) help train future Creation Evangelists and (3) teach a Masters-level Creation Apologetics class for the Doane Baptist Seminary.

On his homeward-bound trip through Manila, Jerry met with our newest partner, Vic’s Manila-based visionary investor friend who shared his plans for supporting Creation Science by tapping Vic’s agriculture expertise for “Agri-Missions”.


We’re so excited and honored to be officially connected as Volunteers for Answers in Genesis (AiG) Video Conference Coordinators.  We’re especially thankful to Mike Riddle, AiG adjunct speaker, for his Creation Apologetics Basics March 1 in Santee, CA and July training in NC (listed below) equipping Jerry to teach it effectively!

Please pray for traveling mercies, health and safety, and that we’ll be good students as well as teachers. 

  • June 2-6 CREATION APOLOGETICS CONFERENCE: Blue Ridge Mountains, Ridgecrest, North Carolina.  
  • July 21-25 ANSWERS MEGA CONFERENCE: Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, Santa Ana/Orange County, CA. 
  • June-Aug Jerry will teach CREATION APOLOGETICS as a Sunday School class at Gold Country Baptist Church in Shingle Springs CA (to be expanded into the Masters Level course for the Philippines this November).

FAMILY PRAYER REQUESTS: Please pray we might be a blessing as we visit and spend time with each

  1. Son Phil,  wife, Jaime and 5 kids, as he pastors a growing congregation here in Shingle Springs CA
  2. Donna's 90-year-old mother in Boulder Co, declining strength: Visit 1st week of May after VCC Training.
  3. Son Mike, wife Jen and 5 kids in Williamsport PA:  Visit 2nd week of June after Apologetics Conference.
  4. Daughter Laura, husband Jason, 2 boys in Anthem AZ.  Visit either before or after AiG Mega Conference in July.
  5. Daughter Lisa, husband Ethan, 3 kids in LA.: August vacation, together with Phil and family, at Hume lake.
February 3, 2014

OUR HEART-FELT THANKS to all who gave to ABWE’s Typhoon Relief Fund. The relief work continues both in Leyte and Panay. Our national Creation Science missionary director Vic de Paz (& wife Elaine), residing in Tacloban, Leyte lost almost everything in their severely-damaged rented house including their Creation Science Resource Center. They are still in Tacloban, and thanks to the generosity of Elaine’s sister, they are staying in her home while she’s away. This has enabled them to be active in the distribution of relief goods, and they have also hosted relief workers in her sister’s home. The photo shows Vic with one the teams who partnered with him to distribute basic essentials in blue bags from the truck behind them.

Please pray for Jerry who will be making a short trip to the Philippines Feb 10-24. The purpose of this quick trip is (1) needed encouragement of Vic & Elaine de Paz in Tacloban, Leyte as they evaluate future housing and ministry location options and (2) visit our Creation Science Center in Doane Baptist Church, Iloilo City for consultation, encouragement and planning. Jerry will also consult with our on-site ABWE missionaries and Filipino ministry partners of Vic and Elaine, as well as make plans for a return visit (together with Donna) to do updated training for our Filipino Creation Science Evangelists, as requested by Pastor Jan Digno who heads up our Creation Science team in Iloilo.

Jan Frederick Digno spearheads the Creation Science Team Ministry of Doane Baptist Church in Iloilo. He writes some amazing things: Last school year, God opened 21 schools for symposia and video showing. They report an overall attendance of 4779 students and teachers, 3096 of whom made professions of faith on the Lord Jesus as Savior. Local pastors were trained to follow up new believers to conserve results, Alleluia! With Team members Carla and Rex, they continue training new school presenters through CSETICreation Science Evangelists Training Institute to meet requests. Very exciting to me is that for the past two years, Doane Church has used Ken Ham's "Foundations" as material for their discipleship program.

Answers in Genesis Upgrade Training: For some time we have wanted to establish an official relationship with AiG, we are thankful to report that it has finally happened! The day after Christmas Jerry was notified that we are accepted as AiG (Volunteer) Video Conference Coordinators. We’ll be equipped with an arsenal of presentations which can be adapted to our ministry. We’ll start training March 1 in Santee CA followed by April 26 at the Creation Museum in KY, and will be able to share what we learn with our Filipino Team when we return to Iloilo together later this year.

Prayer Requests

  • PRAY for VIC & ELAINE DE PAZ: wisdom regarding future housing & ministry location.
  • PRAY for JERRY: to encourage and wisely advise Filipino ministry partners Feb 10-25.
  • PRAY for our much-needed UPGRADE TRAINING with Answers in Genesis after this trip.
  • PRAY for the planning and timing of a RETURN VISIT (both of us) to the Philippines to share our upgraded Answers in Genesis training with our Filipino Creation Science Evangelists.
  • PRAY for our desire to connect with INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS interested in training for Creation Science Campus Evangelism in other Catholic-majority countries (South America).
November 18, 2013

One of the strongest storms in modern history hit the Philippines on November 8, 2013 and quickly barreled across its central islands. We have many friends and ministry partners in this part of the country where we ourselves have also lived and ministered. We have two Creation Science resource centers in this area, one in Tacloban, Leyte, in the home of our Philippines director Vic DePaz and wife, and the other in Doane Baptist Church in Iloilo City, Panay where we have a team of Creation Science Campus evangelists headed by Pastor Jon Digno and Pastor Balm Escobar of Doane Baptist Church.

All our Creation Science workers are safe! Praise the Lord for His mercies!! Vic DePaz called us from Tacloban (11/13) to tell us they are evacuating to Manila where his two daughters are in college. (We believe they were sheltering elsewhere when the storm hit, which may have spared their lives, since they lost the roof and ceiling of their 2 story rental home, while the first floor was flooded to the ceiling!) They lost everything in their home, including the Eastern Visayas Creation Science Resource Center. Besides being homeless, hungry, and thirsty, he said it was becoming too dangerous to stay there. So, despite their servant hearts, the lack of remaining infrastructure was making it impossible to help others. The typhoon veered slightly north when it reached our former hometown of Iloilo City on the central Philippines island of Panay, sparing our ministry partners at Doane Baptist Church and Seminary from the brunt of the storm, but the northern part of Panay was hit hard! Now they are involved distributing relief goods throughout the island.

Please Pray

  1. Pray for safety for Vic DePaz and his family. Vic’s oldest daughter (who is in medical school) and others are in the process of evacuating family members to bring them to Manila. It is a long, difficult and dangerous road trip, even in the best of times!! Latest word is that they have reached their rendezvous point in Samar (neighboring island) and are now heading back.

  2. Please pray for our ABWE missionaries in the disaster area: The home and ministry center of Jim and Allene Latzko in the hard-hit area of San Jose, Leyte near Tacloban sustained severe damage. They were in the states when the storm hit, and Jim is flying back Nov. 22 to help in the relief efforts. Please also pray for Kent and Sandra Pool in Iloilo City, island of Panay, as they work with Doane Baptist Seminary, Doane Baptist Church, and other church leaders to bring relief to the hard hit areas of Northern Panay.

  3. Please pray for the success of time-sensitive relief efforts to bring drinking water, food, medicine, medical treatment, and communications to the wide-spread disaster areas.

  4. Please pray that God may be glorified as our missionaries and national partners provide relief and the hope of Jesus to the people of the Philippines. Filipino Church members have been sacrificially aiding their fellow believers in the disaster areas, and there will continue to be so many needs in the weeks and months ahead! Churches, homes, hospitals, schools, libraries and resource centers will need to be rebuilt, and Bible school students may need special scholarships to continue their studies if their families resources were lost.
September 9, 2013

Report on Summer Conference Travels

Thank you so much for your prayers while we were away from home for 2½ months this summer driving back and forth across the United States. Our trusty 2001 Buick, with over 100,000 miles on it, performed flawlessly, and gave us good gas mileage. Our ministry included 2 Creation Conferences, 5 Creation Geology field trips in national parks and landmarks, and 2 church ministries (one of which was teaching our son Mike’s Jr. High SS class!) We were especially blessed to be able to spend time with each of our 4 children and 14 grandchildren, and Donna got to spend time with both her brothers while we were in Colorado. Their 89 year old Mom is still adjusting to her new independent living situation, and we would appreciate continued prayers for her.

Jerry’s 8-day Christian Leader’s Grand Canyon Rafting Trip was absolutely amazing! It was truly a life-changing experience which we’re still sorting out in our minds! Soon we hope to find the time to incorporate his pictures (as well as those we took in the Petrified Forrest and Painted Dessert in AZ) to update our PowerPoint about fossils and age of the earth. We also took pictures in Dinosaur Colorado/Utah, and Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison, Colorado, which we want to incorporate into our Dinosaur PowerPoint.

Creation Conference for Filipino churches in Union New Jersey July 27-28: 
Thank you for your prayers! It took a lot of preparation, and while Jerry was rafting the Grand Canyon, Donna spent long hours revising our PowerPoint presentations and handouts so Jerry could finalize everything when he got back. On the way to New Jersey, we were blessed to be able visit the Creation Museum in KY and attend the Answers Mega Conference in TN, after which we visited our dear friend Rick Faison who spoke with Jerry in South Africa, and met his lovely wife Vickie. We enjoyed doing the Filipino Churches Creation Conference in New Jersey, and although Jerry was tired after speaking 6 hours Saturday, and 3 more Sunday, we were energized by the good response and renewed fellowship with our Filipino brethren! Our host, Pastor Solomon Reyes, is brother-in-law of Victor De Paz.

Praying for God’s Clear Guidance in Future Creation Ministry Options 
God has made it clear that He is still using us in this ministry, so we are in the process of evaluating various ministry opportunities for the future. We had plenty of time for talking as we drove, and we came to the conclusion that Jerry’s most urgent need for the immediate future is to write a book about our Creation Science Campus Evangelism Ministry experiences in the Philippines. We’re going to need lots of prayer!

Our Philippines Director, Victor De Paz continues entering open doors throughout the Philippines. Pray for him and his board of ministry directors as they seek ways to financially indigenize the Philippines ministry. We had hoped to visit the Philippines this year, but would appreciate your prayers for wisdom re-scheduling sometime next year, to encourage the ministry of Victor and our resource/training center in Doane Baptist Church.

Fall Projects and Prayer Requests:

  • Updating our PowerPoint Presentations, especially focusing on Age of the Earth issues.
  • Begin work on our book about God’s amazing works in this ministry in the Philippines and Asia.
  • God’s clear leading and direction for our future ministry in possible new partnerships.
  • Timing of visit to the Philippines ministry, hopefully early next year.
  • Victor’s continuing Creation speaking ministry and expanding partnerships.
  • Donna’s 89-year-old Mom adjusting to her new independent living apartment in Boulder CO.
July 2, 2013

Special Trainings & Filipino Churches

We have definitely felt you prayers through our busy season of preparing new Creation messages, and seeing God provide surprising new opportunities for upgrade training. For those of you supporting us financially, we are overflowing with gratitude that in our “active retirement” we’re seeing God fulfill the desires of our heart for a Creation Ministry in America as well as developing networks for more worldwide outreach.

Spring Speaking Schedule

Developing New Creation Messages: Last April, after attending the Redding CA “Alpha & Omega Conference” I had the privilege of presenting my version of “7 C’s of History” in our California home church (pastored by our son Phil), and also in 2 chapels at Providence Christian school. In addition, I spoke 5 times in 3 Sacramento area Creation Clubs (twice in 2 of the clubs and once in the other.) I gave my newly created “Creation Astronomy” message as well as other requested messages declaring God’s Truth and refuting compromise.

Summer Schedule Cross-Country Ministry and Family Visits

  • June 29-July 6: With Donna’s Mom in Boulder CO, readying her house for sale. Visited Lisa & Laura on way, and also took a short Creation Science field trip to see the Petrified Forrest & Painted Dessert in Arizona.
  • July 6-14: Grand Canyon Ministry Trip with Christian Leaders, learning & networking.
  • July 18-21: Visit Creation Museum near Cincinnati OH researching future ministry connections.
  • July 22-25: Answers in Genesis MEGA Conference, Sevierville TN, learning and making new friends.
  • July 26: visiting Rick Faison, my NASA trained co-presenter in South Africa last October.
  • July 27-28: NJ Filipino Churches Weekend Creation Conference, six 90-minute interactive presentations.
  • July 29-Aug.8: Visit son Mike & Jen & 5 grandkids, one we’ve never seen or squeezed yet!
  • Aug 9-12: Dinosaur National Monument field trip, eastern CO border, during Drive home.
  • Aug 17-24: Hume Lake cabin family vacation with 2 of our kids and 7 of our grandkids.

Spotlight on Victor De Paz, Filipino Director

Vic writes in his most recent Update Report: “I thank God for a great opportunity of a Honorary Doctorate Degree which improves our credentials for speaking on campuses. Our God has lots of surprises.” The Vice President for Graduate Studies (in the blue hood) is one of the many Filipino Creation Science presenters who have been trained by Vic. We’re thrilled that Vic is building partnerships for evangelism with God-gifted men around the Philippines, and internationally. Recently he and his wife were invited to Thailand for Creation Sunday in a Filipino-planted church. We’re praying about the best time in the near future to visit again for encouragement, upgrade, and meet Vic’s partners.

Prayer Requests

  • Traveling mercies as we drive cross country
  • NJ Filipino Creation Weekend: six 90-min messages.
  • Timing of our next ministry trip to the Philippines.
  • Wisdom as we start networking to expand our stateside ministry opportunities with ministry partners.
April 22, 2013

REJOICE WITH US! We asked you to pray that we’d be successful helping Donna’s 89-year-old mom Maggie Bailey move to a safer “Independent Living” home. And PRAISE GOD she did make the move this past week, actually after both Donna and I (Jerry) had to leave for home in CA. Donna’s brother who works at a Boulder CO theater had some time off and the help of a friend to move her. She’s now comfortably settling in to Golden West Senior Living Apartments just a few blocks from where Wayne works as an actor at Boulder’s Dinner Theater. She has a recently remodeled room with a view of the Rocky Mountains, good meals and weekly cleaning and linen change. Most important, she is now much safer from the falls she experienced in her home.

Thanks to you who prayed. Also my Tuesday night talk at a Sacramento Creation Club went very well with your prayers, and I’m already prepared for next Monday night at another club.

April 9, 2013

First of all, we once again express deep appreciation to you for your prayers which gave us much-needed strength to keep our 2012 ministry commitments and grace for anticipated re-focusing and upgrading of our Creation ministry in 2013. If you have given financially, we are doubly thankful.

It has been quite some time since our last update, and we are sorry. But God is working something new in our lives, although we are not quite sure what yet, so we need your prayers as much or more than ever! For the time being, our gracious God has placed us in a family “crisis” in Longmont CO helping Donna’s 89-year-old Mom move to senior-safer living after a fall that broke her pelvis. Because we are right at the point of making critical decisions and the move itself, we will just outline here what is on our hearts, and will update you as we’re able.

Our PRAISES for God’s gracious provisions and empowerments

  • for Creation Science Campus Evangelism continuing and even expanding throughout the Philippines under the dynamic leadership of our Filipino director Vic de Paz and Creation Evangelists like Jon Digno, Carla Rojo, and an expanding host of others. See page 2 of this letter for Vic’s summary and Prayer Requests.
  • for exciting Spring & Summer Creation Speaking Schedules for Jerry: April-May at local Sacramento Creation Clubs, and July in New Jersey “Creation Science Weekend” for area Filipino churches!
  • that all of our children and grandchildren are living for Christ, and the joy of living near some of them, as well as being able to see the others during our ministry travels!
  • that we were able to free up a month to assist Donna’s 89 year old Mom in Colorado after she fell and broke her pelvis. At her request, we’ve been able to reserve an apartment for her in a senior apartment complex in Boulder CO where she won’t be alone, and can take her meals in a dining room. Jerry flew back to Sacramento this last weekend, while Donna has stayed behind to help her Mom sort & pack for the move.

Our PRAYER REQUESTS related to our praises and joy of ministering

  • PRAY for our Filipino director Vic de Paz who has a very busy “April-May Summer” schedule speaking at church conferences around the Philippines and training new Creation Evangelists, and Thailand ministry.
  • PRAY as Jerry prepares 4 messages on his favorite topic: “Why Genesis is Foundational to Effective Witnessing & Evangelism” at Sacramento-area Creation Clubs: April 16 and 22, and May 21 and 27.
  • PRAY for Donna preparing her message for ladies May 11 at Gold Country Baptist Church, CA.
  • PRAY as we plan with the Filipino coordinating pastor for our upcoming Creation Science Weekend in New Jersey July 27-28 for area Filipino churches where I’ll speak all day Saturday and Sunday.
  • PRAY for us to know what God plans for our “active retirement ministry” after these events, specifically seeking a closer relationship with a Creation Ministry for self-upgrade and scheduling speaking engagements, since we have no definite schedule beyond July, except for our Idaho supporting churches early next year.
  • PRAY for God’s wisdom, clear direction to all concerned, and a double portion of servant attitude for Donna & her brothers (one in CO and the other in GA) as they help Mom Maggie move from her home to her reserved senior apartment in Boulder CO. Also, please pray for her many difficult adjustments ahead.

Again, we are so grateful for your prayers that our lives and ministry will daily and always honor and glorify our great Creator who is our Savior and Sustainer of all His creation, in whose name we declare His great works daily in our witnessing and living the Gospel in the eyes of those who need to hear the message more clearly and with His mighty resurrection power working in us by His Holy Spirit!

September 17, 2012

We’re Back! And we’re praising God for 12 marvelous ministry-packed days in South Africa with our hosts Joshua and Heidi Ausfahl and so many new friends. God went before us and gave us strength for the action-packed days that seemed like non-stop speaking engagements in schools, one university, churches, and wonderful fellowship with believers excited about our ministry in that “Rainbow nation” as they proudly and appropriately call themselves because of the delightful range of skin shades in their mixture of tribes and people groups. In addition to intensive ministry, we were treated to a relaxing safari through a game reserve where we saw lots of wild animals, and a trip to a lovely beach on the Indian Ocean.

We won’t give our full report now because we scheduled a few days here in PA with our son Mike and family, whom we haven’t seen in over a year and we’re getting acquainted with one of our newest grandsons, 3-month-old Elijah.

Donna was a speaker for a ladies’ Bible study group. Our messages powerfully reinforced one another, and together we equipped local Christians to defend the Bible as historically and scientifically accurate and authoritative from the very first verse, and presented Genesis foundations of faith in the schools and Zululand University. God gave us evidence that souls were saved and believers strengthened in their faith.

We thank you all from the depths of our hearts for your prayers and encouraging responses to our previous prayer letter, especially prayers for Donna’s recovery from surgery so she could be with me. We sensed your prayers daily, and we continually gave thanks for your intercessions as we followed God’s sovereign leadings from one speaking opportunity to another. We sensed at every stage of the conferences and school seminars that our awesome Creator God was glorified. And we thank Him for your partnership with us.

Thank you so much for your interest & support of our ministry!

August 24, 2012

“His compassions never fail. 23 They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” (Lamentations 3:22-23)

Donna's surgery was initially scheduled Tuesday morning, but the surgeon wasn’t feeling well and rescheduled it for Wednesday (yesterday) noon. We believe that was all in God’s timing, allowing the mysterious mass to shrink even more to a hard “jelly-bean” size, which made the surgery much easier.

Please pray for an uncomplicated recovery, strength, and quick healing for Donna. The Dr. won't give clearance for Donna to travel until the official biopsy comes out (no later than next Monday), but he's quite sure it isn't cancer, so we should both be able to travel to South Africa together. Donna is scheduled to get the stitches out next Tuesday morning, and the first leg of our flight leaves that evening!

Thank you for your prayers and notes of encouragement, and do keep praising our Creator God who is also Healer and Sustainer, and also keep us in your prayers that God’s traveling mercies will be upon us.

Thank you so much for your interest & support of our ministry! To God be the Glory!

August 16, 2012

SOUTH AFRICA CREATION CONFERENCES, August 31-September 9: Jerry Poster SACC 22balong with Rick Faison (from Philadelphia) and Johann Kruger (local CMI Director), will be speaking at two weekend Creation Science Conferences. The first will be at a church in Durban August 31st thru September 1st, and the second will be in Richard's Bay September 7th & 8th. Our host, ABWE Missionary Josh Ausfahl, has also arranged seminars in schools for Jerry during the week in-between the two conferences. Be praying for the many details that have to all come together before we depart Tuesday August 28!

SURPRISE SURGERY SCHEDULED FOR DONNA: In the midst of busy preparations, these past 3 weeks became unexpectedly stressful when Donna awoke July 27 with a large painful lump on her neck. This led to many rounds of visits to doctors and dentists, antibiotics, and lab work. Thankfully, this week’s biopsy didn’t find cancer, but there were some atypical cells that may mean trouble; so the surgeon says it must be removed immediately. Donna's surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday the 21st of August. That's only a week before our scheduled departure for South Africa on the 28th! Our doctor says he prefers 10 days recovery minimum, but today indicated he’ll wait to see how she does. We feel peace from God that even if Donna isn't allowed to travel that soon after surgery, Jerry will definitely make the trip, Lord willing. But we need lots of wisdom in deciding what to do, and would appreciate your prayers!



  • Genesis Exegetical Commentary (First draft), Preaching Notes from Sermons by Pastor Phil Layton: compiled as a GIFT to attending South Africa pastors, with the help of 14+ members of our home church Gold Country Baptist!
  • Conference Messages coming together, after much-needed revisions with updated material and relevance.
  • Our Philippine Director, Vic DePaz's, very busy speaking schedule: Recent highlights include Pastor's & Leaders Apologetic seminars July 7th, 9-14,and August 4th, as well as church conferences July 10th & August 12th. Praise God for this indefatigable man!




  • Donna's surgery August 21st to remove a cyst from her neck: Skill for the surgeon, and an easy recovery.
  • Focus as we finalize Jerry’s PowerPoint presentations and prepare for our Aug 28 departure to South Africa.
  • Vic DePaz: Creation Apologetics training workshops this month with trainees coming from as far away as New Jersey and Canada, along with locals, followed by practicum seminars in schools and local churches.
July 12, 2012

Praise God for Another Grandchild

Caleb Andrew Trepepi was born Sunday morning July 8 to our youngest daughter Lisa and hubby Ethan. We praise our Father God for the perfect timing as we were just finished with Family Camp and able to drive Saturday through the night to meet him in the hospital the next morning. As we write, we are staying with them (and 20 month old big sister Julia) to help out for a few days.

Praise God for Spring/Summer Ministry Blessings

Jerry has had preaching opportunities in our local church and also spoke to two different lo local creation clubs.

Jerry spoke at a Public school noon Bible Study on “Dinos in the Bible, sponsored by one of our church members. More than 30 middle-schoolers attended, and we have other invitations to speak on Creation Apologetics in local public schools next school year.

Jerry was a VBS teacher for the Juniors-age kids (9-10 yr olds) teaching the Answers in Genesis IncrediWorld Amazement Park covering Genesis 1. What a joy to team-teach our 30+ Junior-age children in Creation Apologetics!

On the final day of Family Camp Jerry taught the little kids 2 songs about Dinosaurs in the Book of Job: Behemoth and Leviathan. What a joy to see their lively responses!

Praise Updates from the Field

Jon Digno from Iloilo trained at Answers in Genesis in April, gave an echo seminar for church members & Bible School students in Philippines.

Victor de Paz active doing Creation Evangelism Seminars in Manila and Sothern Philippines. Also friends from New Jersey and Canada visiting in the Philippines have asked for Creation Evangelism training.

Prayer Requests

South Africa Creation Conference Aug. 26-Sept. 10 is being planned by our missionary friend Josh Ausfahl. Jerry will speak along with two other Creation speakers in the cities of Durban and Richards Bay, on separate weekends. During weekdays, they are hoping to schedule us in public schools and universities, like we have done in the Philippines since South Africa also allows for Religious Education. PRAY also for the other speakers preparing: Richard Faison of Philadelphia Society for Creation Science (PSCS Ministries). and Dr. Johan Kruger of Creation Ministries International, South Africa.

Victor scheduled to speak in Cambodia at evangelist LIFE Camp Aug. 26-31.

Scheduling reports to our remaining supporting churches this October-November.

February 2, 2012

We want to express deep appreciation to you for your prayers and financial support which enabled us to keep our 2011 ministry commitments. We were away from home more than 50% of the time in 2011, and we praise the Lord for His amazing grace and traveling mercies.

Our 2011 ministry travels took us back and forth across the United States, and also to Asia. Last year got off to a slow start for Donna when she fell and tore the MCL tendon on one of her new knees, forcing Jerry to travel alone to speak at the Hong Kong origins conference and visit our Creation Science Team in the Philippines last February. Thankfully, Donna's knee healed without another surgery, and she received clearance from her Doctor to begin traveling in May. This enabled us to report together to 10 of our supporting churches and the ABWE board, as well as travel to Asia last November and December. We traveled to 3 different Asian countries, as well as 3 cities in the Philippines, arriving back home in California just before Christmas. After all that travel, it is definitely good to be home for a while to rest and get caught up on correspondence!

All Asia Creation Conference (held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Nov. 15-17)

It was a blessing to attend this historic conference sponsored by Answers in Genesis, and it was a privilege for Jerry to be given one of the speaking slots. Delegates came from 20 different countries, and we counted at least 16 delegates from the Philippines which was the biggest delegation from outside of Malaysia. Attendance broke all expectations, and local Malaysians swelled the crowd to as many as 1,000 people in the evening sessions. Jerry was asked to speak on the topic "How to start a creation ministry." Our heart is for campus evangelism , so he challenged the delegates to not only give answers to Christians so they can defend their faith, but also to use creation apologetics to evangelize the schools in their countries, like we are doing in the Philippines. Pray with us that many more will catch the urgency of our vision!

Philippines Creation Science Team Highlights

"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth!" (3 John 3: 4). Even more rewarding than any speaking opportunities Jerry had this last year, was the privilege of seeing Filipinos carrying on the ministries we started. After attending the conference in Malaysia, Pastor Danny Balm Escobar of Doane Baptist Church, asked the Iloilo Team to echo what they had learned in a Creation Science Sunday. Jerry and Vic dePaz are standing with the team at the picture on the left. (We tagged those who attended the Malaysia Conference.) It was a thrill for us to sit back and mostly just listen as Pastor Jan Digno (speaking at far right in photo) led the services and gave two excellent Creation Science PowerPoint messages from the material we had given him.

Shortly after our return to the States, our Philippines Director, Pastor Vic dePaz wrote: "Ptr. Jan Digno and our Iloilo Team had a powerful impact in a Youth Conference at the end of the year... indeed he is endowed with double share of my passion concerning the proclamation of the glory of God. There is nothing more encouraging in our ministry than to see someone catch your passion."

Pastor Jan Digno also wrote us about that youth conference: "There were at least 1000 young people from all over... I am amazed that many young people and youth workers were still not knowledgeable about Creation Science. After the sessions, many approached us to be our possible contacts for symposiums in their churches, campus ministries and youth camps... Please pray for these opportunities as a gateway for salvation of souls and opening of the eyes of the students."

Other 2011 Asia Ministry Highlights

After the conference in Malaysia, we also traveled to Davao City Philippines where Jerry spoke at the 27th Anniversary of Harvest Baptist Church, the church we had helped establish during our first missionary term. Pictured with us is Pastor Salvador Caspillo and his wife Grace, who were with us from the very beginning. (Actually he is the one who helped Jerry get started doing Creation Science Seminars in the schools way back then.) We praise the Lord for their faithfulness! Harvest has started 8 daughter churches in outlying regions of the city and also has a Pre-school and Bible School.

2012 Ministry Opportunities

This January, the Iloilo Creation Science Team was invited to speak to 3 geology classes of a church member, who is a professor at Central Philippines University.

This first week of February, Pastor Vic and Pastor Digno, along with others from the Iloilo team are traveling to Davao City to further train Filipinos in Creation Apologetics and evangelize local campuses there. One of the team members will soon be leaving as a missionary to China. Please pray that she will be able to use Creation Science in her new assignment, and also for her replacement on the team.

Also, our Filipino Director, Pastor Vic dePaz, has opportunities through the church missions program to use his background in agriculture as a bridge for Creation Science whenever he travels to Indonesia to do what our partnering church calls "Agri-Missions."

We will soon be scheduling visits to our remaining supporting churches this year, and if the Lord continues to give us strength and provide enough money in our mission account for overseas ministry travel, it is our desire to continue to serve Him worldwide. The people in the Philippines want us to visit every year to upgrade and inspire then. We have also been contacted by a fellow ABWE missionary in South Africa about the possibility of conducting Creation Apologetics training for their fellowship of churches later this year. We would appreciate your prayers for wisdom!

Exciting News

Pastor Jan Digno of our Iloilo team just wrote that he has been invited to attend the International Training Seminar at Answers in Genesis in Kentucky this April. Please pray for all the details to work out, especially his visa.