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Tim and Martia Franklin
ABWE - Natal, Brazil

February 10, 2018

Wedding and Visit from Family

Dear faithful partners who pray and give so we can serve here in Brazil. Thank you for your prayers in these past couple months. They have been busy and special. Ariel and Natalie’s wedding turned out to be a very special day with family and friends celebrating the gift of marriage that God designed. Continue to pray for them as they settle into married life. Tim’s parents were unable to make it in time for the wedding as they had some health issues, but we look forward to their arrival Feb. 22. Martia’s sister Roxi came to do the wedding photography. She made taking pictures fun. Martia’s mom, cousin Crystana, and nephew Ben came as well. They were a big help getting things ready for the wedding and it was special to have family here. Crystana assisted in taking pictures and Ben got to walk Grandmama down the aisle. After the wedding we were able to fit in a lot of activities in the short amount of time they were here, such as dune buggy rides, riding the waves on the ocean, eating seafood on the beach, Brazilian barbecue, eating tapioca, playing bananagrams and other games at home. We also were able to go through the Serrinha neighborhood inviting people for the church anniversary service. I think they got back with a renewed appreciation to hear the church message in English as all the services were in Portuguese. Some of the Brazilians here took the chance to practice their English with the family. We thank the Lord for these special times to be with our family. If you want to watch the wedding you can access it on https://m.facebook.com/.ibarecisa/.

Vacation Bible School

This past week the girls and I helped with VBS at the Alto church close the seminary. The theme was “Noah a man that obeyed God.” In our class there were about 15 3-6yr. olds each day. The first 2 days Wed. and Thurs. were surprisingly calm. The last day on Friday the children seemed quite a bit more wound up. We praise the Lord for the freedom and opportunity to point these children to the Lord. Pray that many will continue to attend Sunday school and Awana which will soon start up again with the school year.

Church Retreats

Today we head out to Campina Grande (about 4 hrs. away) to be a part of a Carnaval retreat. The churches here plan a retreat at this time of carnaval to get away from the things that go along with the Carnaval holiday here in Brazil which include drinking, loud music, and promiscuity. Tim will be teaching 6 sessions through the book of Jude. Martia will give 1 study in Psalm 32. Pray for us in these opportunities to teach the Word of God that there would be clear and accurate communication that would edify and encourage God’s people. Pray also for the informal conversations and activities together. We don’t know this part of the family of Christ very much. One of the prospective students and his wife, Voltaeres and Carol, are heading up this church congregation. Pray for provision and God’s wisdom to know the right time to come on campus for seminary or the continue with the extension class modules in Campina Grande.

There will also be a Carnaval retreat at our local church camp Bom Fim. Ariel and Natalie will be helping in music. Missionary Mark Swedberg will be the main speaker accompanied by his wife Anita.


December 21, 2017

May you have a blessed Christmas Holiday together with friends and family celebrating our Savior Jesus Christ!

And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins. Matt. 1:21

Pray for the opportunities to present the Gospel at this time of year to the unsaved and pray for those who know the Savior to grasp more fully the love of God towards us in sending Jesus Christ to be our Savior.

Seminary campus is pretty calm and quiet these days. Several of the graduates have moved already to their new places of ministry. Most of the other students have returned home until February when classes will resume. Pray for them during this school break that they will be refreshed and also be diligently serving the Lord in the various opportunities that each one has.

Today at breakfast we celebrated with a special treat of blueberry muffins. (Just these past couple years have we frequently had access to frozen blueberries) This day Dec. 20th marks one month before Natalie and Ariel’s wedding. On Jan. 20th Natalie’s name will change to Natalie Ruth Franklin Lima. Wow! The time is approaching quickly! Attached is the invitation (watercolor & design done by the bride) for the wedding and a picture. Although we know most of you won’t be able to make it to the wedding we invite you to rejoice with us in the marriage of our oldest daughter and invite you to continue to pray for her and Ariel as they begin their lives together. We do look forward to having several relatives here for the wedding. Pray for all of us as we work on wedding preparations and new apartment preparations. This first year they will live on the seminary campus while Ariel finishes up his 4th year of seminary studies. It will be nice that they won’t be too far away at first. Thank you for praying for us all in this time of transition. We also invite you to watch the wedding live via Facebook. Jan. 20th 9:30 Pacific time at https://m.facebook.com/.ibarecisa/.


November 23, 2017

May you have a blessed Thanksgiving Holiday together with friends and family

Praise ye the Lord. O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever. Who can utter the mighty acts of the Lord? Who can shew forth all his praise? Psalm106:1-2

In the busyness of end of the seminary year activities we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with several families, each of which has an American married to a Brazilian. We look forward to remembering our roots, thanking and praising the Lord together, eating some good food, and getting to do it all in English.

First of all we thank the Lord that our sins our forgiven in Jesus Christ and we have a sure hope in the Lord. This is enough to say thank you for, yet there is so much more.

  • Thank you Lord that the parsonage in Serrinha is almost done and ready for Magno & Taline to move in.
  • Thank you Lord that you have a plan for the church plant Flores do Campo.
  • Thank you Lord for the freedom to point people to Jesus Christ without restriction.
  • Thank you Lord for unsaved people who are open to hear God’s Word.
  • Thank you Lord for the fellowship together with the seminary family.
  • Thank you Lord that our children love you and are walking in your ways.
  • Thank you Lord for the evangelistic visits to people in our neighborhood- for their openness to listen to the Word of God
  • Thank you Lord for providing a pastor for the Carnaubais church: Graduate Moises
  • Thank you Lord for good health and energy to serve you.
  • Thank you Lord for the youth retreat this past weekend: for these wholesome times for friendship and edification with youth in other churches. Rachel & Rebecca have made some good friends
  • Thank you Lord for your provision in the wedding plans for Ariel & Natalie
  • Thank you Lord for various family that we will get to see soon here at the wedding
  • Thank you Lord for continuing to work in our lives and never giving up on us

The semester is quickly coming to a close: tests, final classes, grading, oral doctrinal exams, a module class next week on Biblical counseling, graduation banquet, and graduation. The graduation speaker this year is Pastor Bill Dupignac pastor of Grace Baptist Church of Kennewick, WA home church of graduate Davy Costa and his wife Cathi. It’s been a while since a translator has been needed for graduation. We are looking forward to showing Pastor Bill first hand what God is doing here in this little corner of Brazil. Continue to pray for the graduates in this time of transition and pray for Davy & Cathi Costa with their three children for God’s clear leading in the next step for ministry.


September 30, 2017

Bible School

God continues to bless in numerous ways. Although so many spiritual needs are around us and many ministry opportunities, yet we praise the LORD for calling and equipping servants for His harvest field. The second semester here is well under way with six students scheduled to graduate the end of November. This month they completed their senior project which consists of a 30-60 page paper finalized with an oral presentation and public evaluation by three professors/ invited pastors. This is a major milestone with significant addition to their heavy class load, practical ministry, and family. In this case, three of the four are married with younger children. The other two are single. All are already quite involved in ministry. Rejoice with them in praise to the LORD for this victory. Please pray for God’s continue leading in their family and ministry: Adriano and family lead a church plant in Varzea; Neto pastors in João Câmara and engaged to be married the end of the year; Davy and family help in a local church and are praying for God’s leading perhaps missions after they return to their home church, Grace Baptist in Kennewick, WA; Laercio and Teresa serve a church plant in a dangerous neighborhood in Macaiba; Maykon is quite involved in Oanse (awana/Brazil); Moisés and family pastor in the neighborhood of Emaus here in Natal. The rest of the Bible school family in a similar way study during the week and serve over the weekend in local churches. There is also growth in other ways. Two are expecting. Also two weddings are scheduled during vacation from school, one of them being Natalie to Ariel.


We praise the LORD for taking care of our family. The best place to be is in the center of God’s will. Serving the LORD is not the way to prosperity; missions is not for safety or health. However, we praise God for His gracious kindness. His peace, His provision, His sustenance and His protection are blessings beyond description. We share this with you out of gratefulness for your part in this privilege. Thank you for praying and giving so that we can go. Our family is involved in various ministry activities. Besides home and homeschool each serve accordingly at the Bible school and the local church. Martia keeps us going and sometimes home is like an interstate truck stop. On Sunday we land for lunch and shortly head out in different directions for ministry. Natalie, south-east to Satelite and the others west to Serrinha. We usually have several evenings of family time at home but others get quite late. May all we do be in the LORD’s business and not just busy-ness.

Church Planting

We mixed categories a little bit, but on the church front we have much to praise the LORD and much for prayer. Sunday was an emotional time at Satelite. Here’s the context: Brother Iomar after 6 months lost his physical battle with cancer. Left a middle-aged widow Elivania and 13-yrs old daughter Dayanne, all believers. He had seven adult siblings, divided family, they reject the gospel among a few who are spiritists. His battle united the family and his funeral (Sept 5) introduced them to his spiritual family, the church. One sister began attending church wanting to discover “what was so different.” This past Sunday, Mrs. Ionara discovered the difference between “religion” and a personal relationship with the risen LORD. Humanly speak she was the least expected, being the spiritually hardest, most “sophisticated”, and high society of the family. Praise be to Jesus. A new battle, a spiritual one, has begun. Now she is the lone believer in her family and they sarcastically ask: “So now you will be spending so much time at church, you might as well live there. When’s the move?” Do pray for her continued witness in the family.

At Serrinha we try to encourage the church plant. Over the semester break (July) and occasionally scattered days since, we continue to help work on the parsonage. I think we’re within 15-20 workdays for Pr. Magno and Mrs. Taline to move. Pray that their move to the community would result in a strategic boost for the ministry. The Flores do Campo church plant is at a stand-still—bureaucracy. Please pray especially that God would give us wisdom and open up the way—His wisdom, His way and His timing.

The “Books and Bibles” project (including Wiersbe commentary) continues to function as an extension of our Bible school ministry and conferences around. One in July took us to a town with a higher rate of cancer; apparently due to natural geologic conditions. Once a week we also teach at an extension campus across town. Praise the LORD with us for safety on the road and provision for transportation. May He give you a blessed harvest season together.


June 5, 2017

Area wide ladies meeting:
Saturday our Satelite church held a ladies meeting for the area churches. Over 200 ladies attended this afternoon meeting. It started with açai (a frozen fruit dessert made from a berry from the Amazon) to cool everyone off on this warm day. Several music specials were presented by various churches. The message from the book of Job and James was given by Natália, one of our area pastor’s wife. She emphasized the theme of glorifying God in the midst of suffering by worshipping God and by recognizing that God is in control of it all. One of our ladies was going to give a personal testimony of God’s faithfulness to her family in her husband’s fight against cancer, but she was unable to make it as her husband wasn’t well after his most recent chemotherapy treatment.

Bible classes in local schools:
Gisele recently returned from taking a three month Child Evangelism Course in Sao Paulo to better equip her with ministering to children. She is presently teaching Bible classes in two different schools. This week she shared the joyful news that three children came to know Jesus as their Savior. At the end of the lesson she told the children to seek her out afterwards if they wanted to be saved or if they had further questions. She was able to talk to each of these three individually, asking various questions to make sure they understood what they were doing. Praise the Lord for Pedro, Icara, and Sofia coming into the family of Christ!! They live near one of our sister churches, so pray that they would be able to have follow up through this church.

Flores do Campo church plant documentation:
Tim and Davi Paes went last Friday and this Monday morning to work on documentation for the building for the church plant in Flores do Campo. They weren’t able to make much progress. Pray for help in this barrier that is keeping the church meeting place to be built. Continue to pray for contacts for home Bible studies as well.

Music conferences:
Our older three girls are looking forward to participating in 2 music conferences in July. For one they will travel about 12 hours to another state and the other is hosted by the Satelite church. The girls will be participating a various ways such as playing the piano, singing, playing violin, and Natalie will be teaching a workshop. Pray for them and the others who are organizing these events and for each young person that will attend that they would be encouraged in their walk with the Lord, their worship to the Lord, and their skills in striving for excellence in this area.

Rebecca, Rachel, and I have served as leaders this year. It’s fun to see how the girls get so attached to their little clubbers. Rebecca especially has a few very challenging children with whom she has become quite attached. She has expressed how she will miss her kids so much during the semester break in July. We enjoy hearing them share how they were able to help the kids learn their verses, or work through a challenging situation. And it’s neat how these challenges help them remember to pray and depend on the Lord for help. Hannah continues as a clubber.